Women arrive at the Cannes Film Festival opening ceremony

Women arrive at the Cannes Film Festival opening ceremony

Agence France-Presse reported that the opening ceremony of the 77th Cannes Film Festival was dominated by the presence of women thanks to a tribute dedicated to Hollywood legend Meryl Streep and to highlight the women’s “Me Too” movement.

The faces of the opening ceremony were exclusively female as they were presented by Camille Cotton, while Meryl Streep was the star of the event and was presented with the honorary Palme d’Or by French actress Juliette Pinochet.

The French star told the heroine of “Sophie’s Choice,” “The Bridges of Madison County” and “The Devil Wears Prada,” “If women’s contributions to history are still unknown, your contributions are not.”

Pinochet, one of 100 people who signed an article published Tuesday on the website of Le Monde newspaper in France calling for comprehensive legislation against sexual violence, told Streep: “You changed our view of women in the world of cinema. You gave us a new image of ourselves.

Party host Cotton’s speech came as part of a shift away from the stage at the Cannes Film Festival, where hotels have witnessed some of the sexual assaults for which former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has been convicted or accused. Sparked the “Me Too” movement.

“Late-night professional meetings in hotel rooms with powerful men are no longer part of the Cannes circuit,” Cotton noted to applause.

It is clear that the voices condemning sexual violations in the arts and elsewhere are not diminishing at all.

It almost inundated the festival with rumors of allegations against individuals, which circulated on social networking sites and were reported by some media outlets, forcing the festival to deny it.

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It marks the state of turmoil in the French film industry, which has come under intense scrutiny from actress Judith Goderich, who has become a prominent figure in the movement since accusing directors BenoƮt Jacot and Jacques Doyen of raping her. young lady.

Goodrich will premiere his short film “Moi Awsi,” which spotlights 1,000 victims of sexual assault, at the Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday.

A notable note this year is that Greta Gerwig, who became the first director to gross more than a billion dollars with “Barbie,” presided over the jury of the world’s most important film festival.

“I love cinema, it’s sacred to me,” said Gerwig, the first American to play the role, “Art and movies are sacred to me.”

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