With Dozens of Missiles, Hezbollah Targets Israeli Infantry Brigade Headquarters Near Safad

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    From the “Ain Zeitim” target near Safed, Northern Occupied Palestine (social media)

Islamic Resistance in Lebanon – Hezbollah announced on Monday that it had targeted the headquarters of the 91st Division's Third Infantry Brigade at the Israeli Ein Zeitim base with dozens of Katyusha rockets.

The opposition confirmed in its statement that the move comes in response to aggressive attacks on fortified southern villages and civilian homes, the most recent of which were in Sharifa, al-Atisa and Rab Dilain.

In addition, Hezbollah targeted a group of Israeli soldiers behind the “Al-Samaqa” base in the occupied Lebanese hills of Kafar Shuba with artillery shells.

The resistance fighters also targeted Israeli intelligence equipment opposite the Lebanese village of Wassani and launched a direct assault with appropriate weapons.

These actions support the determined Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip and support their resistance, affirming the opposition in its statements.

In the Occupied Agency, an Israeli military spokesman confirmed that around 35 projectiles were detected from Lebanon in the direction of “Ain Zeitim” near Safed in northern Occupied Palestine.

Israeli media reported direct strikes in the area, noting the sound of sirens in Rosh Hangara, Liman, Shlomi, Elon, Hanita, Admit, Korn and Arab Aramshe.

In parallel, Israeli attacks on southern Lebanese villages continue Israeli artillery shelled the suburbs of Yaron and Deir Mimas, a reporter said. Departments.

Also, our correspondent reported that enemy warplanes bombed the village of Rab Taleen and the area between the towns of Sharifa and Arzon.

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Earlier, the protest targeted another occupation forces position near the “Al-Dahira” base with artillery shells and rocket weapons near the “Hanita” base.

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