Will selling Mohamed Salah restore discipline to Liverpool?

When choosing one image to represent the end of an era at Liverpool, it would surely be the tussle between Jurgen Klopp and Mohamed Salah on the touchline at West Ham Stadium. This is what happens when a manager's powers diminish, and unfortunately it ends.

We have to speculate on the specific reason behind this controversy that caught everyone's attention last Saturday when the match between Liverpool and West Ham ended in a two-goal draw for each team. West Ham equalized before Klopp, waiting to make three changes at once, brought on Salah, Darwin Nunes and Joe Gomez. The German coach appeared irritated and appeared to blame Salah, whose angry reaction made it clear he was not interested in hearing any criticism.

It is clear that Salah does not treat Klopp as a figure with authority over the team. Instead of listening to the coach's instructions, the Egyptian continued to fumble and only stopped when two of his teammates intervened. Later, as he left the stadium and went in front of the press, Salah refused requests to be interviewed, saying he would be “on fire” if he spoke. Klopp, on the other hand, tried to play down the significance of the incident during his post-match press conference, but Salah lit the fuse of the crisis. In fact, the Egyptian winger refused to grant press interviews and was not acting diplomatically, even if he joked during his speech. In a very difficult period of the season which has seen a significant decline in the team's position and results, it would have been better for Salah to focus on the field and try to give the team good positions.

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Things were not meant to be when Klopp announced his departure. Liverpool won the League Cup and bid for a historic quadruple. But something changed when they crashed out of the FA Cup last month, losing to Manchester United, and the team seemed unable to withstand the psychological and physical pressure. A number of defensive problems emerged during the Europa League quarter-final loss to Italian Atalanta, and the team lacked attacking efficiency in several winnable matches.

Salah leaves the field after clashing with Klopp (AP).

Salah, whose performance has dropped significantly since returning from the Africa Cup of Nations, has failed to inspire his teammates. He has scored 24 goals in all competitions this season – not a bad number – but there is a sense that the player's skills are beginning to wane. Salah is 32, his contract with Liverpool expires in a year, and reports suggest he will move to Saudi Arabia this summer. Salah may have rebelled because he knew Klopp would be leaving the club soon, maybe because he was going to leave soon!

Either way, it's a shame that the relationship between two of the greatest figures in Liverpool's history has ended like this. Salah has been a key player at Liverpool under Klopp, an attacking genius and the driving force behind many big wins. This takes us back to the period when Sir Alex Ferguson announced that the 2001-2002 season would be his last at Manchester United, when doubts began to emerge, players' motivation and motivation waned and Manchester United lost the title. Arsenal. Ferguson has given an excuse for his players' downfall.

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Fortunately for Manchester United, the Scottish coach reversed his decision to leave and oversaw a new era of dominance in English football. But Klopp won't change his decision, and it looks like he's completely exhausted psychologically and he can't wait for the season to end. So, it can take a toll on the team, especially mentally.

Klopp will leave… Salah will leave? (dpa)

Of course, there have been some displays of rudeness and irritation from Salah's side in the past, but none of them were on the same scale as last Saturday. This certainly wouldn't have happened had Klopp continued in his position, because no player can behave in this way if he is afraid of his manager's reaction to what he has done. But this is a team that lacks focus, and is led by a tired, disoriented and unhappy manager. Had Liverpool been in their normal focus, they would have beaten West Ham by two goals to one. But instead, the team's hopes of challenging for the league title evaporated due to the recklessness of the attackers in front of goal and the dangerous and innocent mistakes of the defenders.

Salah, of course, is part of this malaise. If he leaves – although his goals are not easy to change – it will be better for Arne Slott – who will soon be confirmed as Klopp's replacement as head of the team's technical leadership next season – and not a player to worry about managing.

That doesn't mean rebuilding the team will be easy. Apart from Salah, there are also questions over the futures of Virgil van Dijk and Trent Alexander-Arnold. But there is another lesson Liverpool can learn from Ferguson, and that is how to deal with a player who doesn't respect his manager. One or two other than Ferguson always knew when to remove a player because no one should be allowed to be bigger than the club. But Klopp is in no position to contain Salah.

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The players are no longer afraid of the coach's reaction and Klopp doesn't have the courage to bear it, so the team's best player realizes the coach's weakness. Looking to the future, Liverpool need to help slot in by re-imposing commitment and discipline. If Klopp goes, so does Salah. The Egyptian international star is likely to stay with Liverpool next season, according to reports. Reports revealed that Liverpool's management expect Salah to stay at Anfield next season, that Salah has expressed no desire to leave Liverpool and that the English club have no plans to part with his services.

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