We targeted 6 ships that “violated access restrictions” to Israeli ports

Yemen / Anatolia

Yemen’s Houthi group announced on Wednesday that it had targeted six ships in the Mediterranean and Red Sea with missiles and drones in Arab Bahrain, “for violating a decision banning entry into the ports of occupied Palestine.”

This came in a televised statement issued by Yahya Sari, the military spokesman for the group’s forces, and followed by Anadolu’s correspondent.

“The Navy, Air Force and Missile Forces of the Yemeni Armed Forces (aligned with the Houthis) carried out 6 military operations,” the statement said.

He added, “There were 3 military operations in the Red Sea, the first targeting the LAAX vessel, which was hit directly and severely damaged, the second operation targeting the MOREA vessel, and the third operation targeting the Sealadi vessel.”

“All three operations were carried out by multiple naval and ballistic missiles and drones, and they directly led to casualties,” he pointed out.

He added, “Two military operations were carried out with multiple missiles and drones targeting US ships ALBA and Maersk Hartford in the Arabian Sea.”

A sixth military operation targeted “the Minerva Antonia in the Mediterranean with multiple cruise missiles.”

The statement, which did not specify the nationality of the ships, said “all the aforementioned ships were targeted for violating the decision to ban access to the ports of occupied Palestine.”

The spokesman vowed, “We will not hesitate to target all vessels dealing with an Israeli company, regardless of their destination, in the declared area of ​​operations.”

In “solidarity with Gaza” in the face of a devastating US-backed Israeli war since October 7, the Houthis have been targeting missiles and drones at Israeli cargo ships or those attached to them in the Red Sea and Arabian Sea. , and the Indian Ocean.

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Since the start of the year, a US-led coalition has launched strikes targeting “Houthi bases” in various parts of Yemen in response to its naval strikes, occasionally facing a response from the group. .

As tensions escalated after Washington and London intervened in January, the Houthi group announced it now considers all US and British ships among its military targets.

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