US research: One in every 20 people infected with the first wave of corona experience symptoms for 3 years

The British newspaper, Daily Mail, highlights the latest research, one in every 20 people who contracted a mild corona virus in the first wave of the epidemic continued to suffer from symptoms for up to three years, American scientists found that respiratory and nervous system problems… are still common problems reported by people infected with the virus in 2020.

According to the British newspaper, American researchers monitored more than 135,000 Americans infected with Corona, and experts said that 34% of those most affected by Corona and those who were hospitalized had an increased risk of complications in all organs.

The newspaper said it came as separate research indicated that boosted coronavirus vaccines were only 52% effective at preventing infection after four weeks, and that within five months, this percentage would reach 20%.

Around 1.9 million people in the UK suffer from it, and the term covers everything from fatigue and shortness of breath to muscle and joint pain, the British newspaper explained, as researchers analyzed data from 114,000 soldiers with mild Covid. More than 20,000 more patients were hospitalized with the virus, and all 5.2 million veterans who did not receive a COVID diagnosis were included in the study between March and December 2020.

The Daily Mail found that over a three-year follow-up, the risk of developing long-term coronavirus was 23% after one year, and had dropped to 16%, or one in six, after two years. Worryingly, among those not hospitalized, Covid contributed 10 years of healthy life per 1,000 people, and 90 years of healthy life lost per 1,000 people three years after infection.

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