US official: We will defend Israel if Iran attacks News


A US official told Al Jazeera that US President Joe Biden's statements about defending Israel in the face of Iranian threats did not come out of nowhere, adding that Washington would contribute to Israel's defense if Israel was attacked by Iran or its agents.

The U.S. official confirmed that if Israel is attacked by missiles and drones, U.S. forces may contribute to intercepting them, and are unlikely to launch joint retaliatory strikes with Israel if attacked by Iran or its proxies.

For its part, the American Bloomberg website, citing sources, said that the Iranian attack was not expected to target civilian facilities and that it would not necessarily come from northern Israel, indicating that Washington and its allies believed that the attack was carried out by Iran and its agents with missiles and missiles. Drones against Israeli targets are imminent.

Khamenei Vows to Punish Israel (Social Media)

Khamenei's threat

Iranian President Ali Khamenei said Israel had made a mistake by attacking its embassy in Damascus, vowing to punish it, while Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz warned of retaliation inside Iran.

They will be punished for that, he said during the Eid al-Fitr prayer sermon in Tehran on Wednesday, “When they attacked our embassy, ​​it meant they were attacking our land. It is considered an international norm in the world. The malicious company has done wrong in this matter and must be punished for it.” “He will be punished.”

On the other hand, Israel's Foreign Minister Israel Katz threatened that Israel would retaliate immediately if Iran attacks Israel from its border.

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The reports come as the Israeli Air Force has been put on maximum alert to prepare for a possible Iranian military response to Israel following the alleged assassination of Mohammad Reza Sahedi, a senior officer in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. His aides in the bombing of the Iranian consulate in Damascus last week.

Israeli air defense systems have also been put on high alert to counter any missile threats.

Earlier this month, the consular wing of the Iranian embassy in Damascus came under Israeli missile attack, which led to the killing of 7 members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, including key leader Mohammad Reza Zahedi and his deputy. , Mohammad Hadi Haji Rahimi.

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