Two days ago, two Palestinians were killed in an Israeli attack in Jenin

An Agence France-Presse reporter said the Israeli military operation continued for the second day in a row on the city of Jenin and its camp in the northern West Bank on Wednesday, resulting in the deaths of at least 11 people.

An Agence France-Presse reporter confirmed hearing explosions and gunfire inside the Jenin refugee camp, while soldiers fired from their armored vehicles at masked youths in the center of the city.

Masked youths set fire to vehicle tires, emitting thick smoke.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that 11 people, including four children, had been killed and 25 wounded since Tuesday morning.

At the Khalil Suleiman government hospital in Jenin, an Agence France-Presse reporter found four bodies.

Palestinian news agency “Wafa” and Doctors Without Borders state hospital surgeon Osaid Jabareen were among the dead.

A teacher and a student were among the dead, Wafa added, quoting hospital director Wissam Bakr.

The Israeli military says it has raided the home of Ahmed Barakat, who is accused of involvement in an attack that killed an Israeli civilian last year.

Mir Tamari (age 32) was killed in May 2023 at the entrance to a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank, military officials said at the time.

The streets near the entrance to the Jenin camp were deserted on Wednesday afternoon as the marchers marched past them.

The Israeli military, which confirmed a firefight between troops and militants, said it had seized military equipment and found explosives intended to harm its forces.

For its part, the Palestinian Red Cross said that “occupation forces have detained ambulances in front of the entrance to the Palestinian Red Crescent Ambulance Center in Jenin.”

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On Tuesday morning, the Israeli army announced its operation, which was launched based on intelligence information regarding activities carried out by militants linked to Hamas and Islamic Jihad in the Jenin area.

On Tuesday, military vehicles bulldozed roads and moved aside debris amid fears that bombs were planted there.

For its part, the Palestinian president warned in a statement on Tuesday of a “genocidal war against the Palestinian people in various Palestinian cities, including Jenin.”

Hamas condemned the “massacre” in Jenin.

Israeli forces conduct frequent operations and raids in Jenin and its refugee camp.

Parts of the West Bank, occupied by Israel since 1967, have seen an increase in the pace of violence since fighting broke out between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip on October 7.

Since that day, at least 515 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces and settlers in the West Bank, according to official Palestinian sources.

In the same period, 12 Israelis were killed in attacks by Palestinians in the West Bank, according to an Agence France-Presse tally based on official Israeli data.

The war in the Gaza Strip began following an unprecedented attack by Hamas on southern Israel that has left at least 1,170 people dead, most of them civilians, according to an Agence France-Presse count based on official Israeli figures.

The Hebrew government has vowed to “exterminate” the movement, and its bombings and ground attacks in the Gaza Strip have led to the deaths of at least 35,709 Palestinians, most of them women and children, according to the Hamas health ministry. .

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