Tweeters: Who Killed Lebanese Forces Party Officer Pascal Sulaiman? | news

The Lebanese Army announced that the coordinator of the Lebanese Forces Party, Pascal Suleiman, was killed by Syrian bandits in the Jubail area.

The army took his body to Syria in a statement published on its account.

The statement added that the military command had coordinated with the Syrian authorities to hand over the body and investigations were being completed under the supervision of the public prosecutor.

After the Lebanese Army announced the killing of an officer in the Lebanese Forces party, an angry situation prevailed in the Lebanese street, which had a negative impact on Syrian refugees in some Lebanese areas.

After the army revealed the identity of the perpetrators, some Syrian refugees were attacked, as the pioneers of the virtual world circulated a group of clips showing the burning of their property in the Jabeil and Beirut region in the wake of the attack and killing of Syrians. by Pascal Sulaiman.

Reports and clips of the army's attacks on Syrians in Lebanon sparked a debate among viewers on social media platforms as to who was truly responsible for the killing of Pascal Sulaiman.

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Some Lebanese tweeters held the Syrians responsible for Pascal's murder, saying that Pascal's killing should not go unnoticed because it is not an ordinary crime in this time and place, pointing out that Lebanon's security is paramount.

The bloggers added that Pascal is a new victim of the attempt to undermine the unity of the country by escaping displacement and that all Lebanese must unite to face the dangers of displacement and its consequences in the country.

But there were those who had a different opinion, as one of the bloggers wrote, “Regarding the issue of reprehensible crime and incitement and seditious campaigns and spreading sedition and attacking them against Pascal. These actions and words must be followed by those with whom they have no connection, either near or far, or who call for the exile of some element of Byblos. ” Long discussion.

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Tweeters asked how they were able to transport Pascal's body from Lebanon to Syria and what was the point of transporting Pascal's body after killing it, blaming some party inside Lebanon.

Purveyors pointed out that the real goal was to kidnap Pascal, extract information, and then free him, and if stealing the car had been the real goal, he would not have been killed, his body taken to Syria, and his vehicle abandoned.

Others demanded that all surveillance cameras on the roads be withdrawn and that Pascal's abductors be found, pointing out that the Syrian refugee was innocent of the heinous act. As someone said.

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Bloggers said there was a difference between the Syrian regime and Syrian refugees in Lebanon, between fighters pursuing a foreign agenda inside Lebanon and Syrians, and between criminals who smuggled bodies across borders. Given Syria and Syrians, and the need to correct their terminology, it is clear who the real culprit is.

In turn, the media department of the Lebanese Forces party issued a statement, which said, “The crime is political, not criminal, and the official narrative is weak, fragile and broken.”

“Pascal's abduction and killing had nothing to do with theft or a ransom demand, and no one asked for it,” the statement added, adding, “The weapon of arms may be Syria, but the decision to execute is political.”

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