Top French star Alain Delon is under “enhanced guardianship”.

A judge specializing in controversies related to security issues, the lawyer of the famous French actor's daughter placed the star Alain Delon (88 years old) under “enhanced guardianship” in a new judicial development. Described as “insulting”.

Dillon, who has lymphoma, has been in judicial custody since January, when a judicial agent was assigned to help with his “medical follow-up.”

A source close to the case said after a closed session Thursday afternoon at Mandargu Judicial Court that “the procedure has been changed to enhanced custody.”

“Enhanced conservatorship” means that “it is certain that Dillon does not have complete freedom to manage his property and the decisions he can make, and this decision allows him to manage certain medical aspects about him.”

Commenting on this new development in the case, the French star's daughter Anushka Delon's lawyer considered the decision to place Alain Delon under enhanced guardianship “excessive” and “insulting” to the actor.

Speaking to French radio RTL, Frank Burton said, “Alain Delon's lawyer admits his opinion that the move was exaggerated.”

He continued, “Why wasn't the judicial protection decision issued two months ago continued or the decision to place Alain Delon under simple guardianship?”

The lawyer believed that the decision “humiliates the French actor, and it is difficult to live with him, because he is still fully conscious.”

He explained that his client wanted medical information related to the care Dillon received, which, in his opinion, included only follow-up with a general practitioner.

Enhanced guardianship is a process that allows the guardian to manage the bank account of the person concerned and pay his expenses, according to the “Service” website (

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Since the beginning of January, the three sons of the star have been waging a fierce battle among themselves, on the pages of the press or in the judiciary, and each of them confirms his desire to protect the great French actor, whose health has deteriorated. He suffered a stroke in 2019.

His two sons, Anthony (age 59) and Alain Fabian (age 29), believe their sister Anushka (age 33) is manipulating their father as she hid their health condition from them, they said.

The two brothers allege that Anushka tried to return the star to Switzerland, where she is a citizen and continues to live, to avoid paying multiple inheritance taxes in France.

Anushka sued her two brothers for breach of privacy after they published a conversation between her and her father, and the trial will take place in a Paris court in April 2025.

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