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UNHCR is responding to a request by the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to withdraw information on displaced persons

UNHCR, at the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, withdrew a letter it had sent to the Caretaker Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Bassam Mawlawi, expressing “concern about the forced eviction” of Syrians. UNHCR has given a deadline of the end of the month to hand over data on displaced persons.

UNHCR’s message was met with widespread Lebanese rejection, and caretaker Foreign Minister Abdullah Bouhabib summoned Yvo Frison, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Lebanon.

One of the Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon (Associated Press)

Bouhabib announced in a statement that he told Friesen to “withdraw the letter and make it void”, stressing the need to respect the principles of communication with Lebanese ministries and departments and not to violate the powers legally granted to the ministry. Foreign Affairs.” because it is a mandatory paragraph for correspondence of the Commission according to treaties, agreements and diplomatic customs.

“He stressed the need for non-interference in Lebanon’s sovereign powers, adherence to Lebanese laws for all individuals and organizations residing in Lebanese territory, adherence to and implementation of the 2003 Memorandum of Understanding signed with the General Directorate of Public Security. Letter and spirit.”

According to the memorandum of understanding signed with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on August 8, 2023, “Bouhabib called on the commission to hand over the full data of displaced persons without delay and by the end of this month at the latest.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reaffirmed, “Lebanon is not a country of asylum, but a country of transit, and as a founding state of this organization, adheres to the principles and objectives of the United Nations and emphasizes its desire to maintain good relations with the United Nations and affiliated international organizations and its respect for international humanitarian law.”

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Displaced Syrians gather in Arsal preparing to return to Syria (central).

Bouhabib warned the commission, “If the above is not adhered to and the jurisdiction is breached, the ministry will be forced to reconsider its dealings with it.”

After the Foreign Ministry’s warning, the commission returned and issued a statement withdrawing the letter, reiterating its commitment to “constructive cooperation with the Lebanese government” and “stressing the importance of the international community prioritizing durable solutions for displaced persons. To alleviate pressures in Lebanon, to create more favorable conditions for return in Syria.” Including.

Last week, UNHCR sent a letter to the Ministry of Interior, citing its “concern over forced evictions of Syrians” that would have “severe humanitarian consequences” and calling for intervention to “stop the ongoing mass evictions”.

After the Commission withdrew its letter on Monday, the “displaced persons’ data” creates a dispute between it and the Lebanese government, after the Commission handed over the data to Lebanese Public Security based on the August 2023 agreement, (Beirut) came back and requested more information about these people, especially the date they entered Lebanon. Security sources told Asharq Al-Awsad, but the commission still refuses to respond to the request.

On the other hand, official sources of the commission told Asharq Al-Awsad that the organization “implemented the agreement between it and the Lebanese government by handing over the basic data last December, and it is in the process of reviewing the new request. Coordination with the main headquarters in Geneva. The agreement between it and Lebanon for international security and global data protection. Be mindful of commitment to standards.

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A voluntary return convoy of displaced Syrians returning to their country from Lebanon (Archives – AFP)

While the UNHCR reports that the number of registered displaced persons today is around 800,000, estimates indicate that their number exceeds two million people.

Knowing that the Lebanese Public Security Commission asked the Commission to stop the entry of these persons in 2015, the entrants during this period did not leave their country for war reasons, but for economic reasons, so all those who entered Lebanon will be deported based on the measures taken by the Lebanese government. While confirming that Lebanon is not essentially a country of asylum, lawyer Dr. Paul Morgos, head of the Justicia Foundation, told Asharq Al-Awsad: “Lebanon has no obligation to treat them as refugees. It is not a party to the International Refugee Convention of 1951, but it is their dignity.” and is committed to ensuring the protection of human rights.

Therefore, Lebanon “can benefit from the data it receives from the Commission, but cannot take it as a complete source, it must examine and benefit from it, and select and review the information it needs according to its sovereign discretion.”

Syrians return to their country in campaigns organized by the former Lebanese Public Security (Central Agency).

Morgos, according to a study produced by “Justicia”, talks about legal mechanisms that can be relied on for safe and voluntary return, which relies on the law regulating entry, residence and exit in Lebanon. The Supreme Defense Council,” officially ruling on the deportation of Syrians entering Lebanon, concluded that there was no longer any reason for Syrians to seek refuge in Lebanon.

According to the UNHCR, the study states, “States have the right under international law to expel those who are not in need of international protection, and it is the duty of countries of origin to return their nationals in a humane manner with full respect for human rights and dignity.

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