The death toll from the war in Gaza has risen to 23,708

US-British attack on Houthis in Yemen… and the group vows to continue attacking Israel and its ships.

After weeks of tension, the US and Britain launched strikes against Houthi targets in Yemen, which in the words of US President Joe Biden “endangered navigation”, but the Houthis confirmed that they would not back down from attacking Israel. Until its ships in the Red Sea continued their attacks on Gaza.

British Royal Air Force Typhoon jets take off to launch airstrikes against military targets in Yemen (Reuters)

On Thursday night, US and British warplanes launched strikes on Houthi group bases in Yemen in several governorates, including Sana'a.

The Houthis' official spokesman, Mohammed Abdel Salam, confirmed on Friday that the group would not back down from its decision to attack Israeli ships or ships sailing to Israeli ports in support of Palestinians under Israeli attack in Gaza. .

He added: “Yemen will be with Gaza in every way it can.”

Ali al-Kahoum, a member of the Houthi politburo, insisted today that his group will not stop targeting Israel and its ships in the Red Sea until the Israelis end their “aggression” against Gaza and lift the blockade.

Al-Kahhoum added: “All operations will continue no matter what… Americans and British should realize that.”

Al-Kahhoum had previously said that Sana'a and other governorates were subject to US and British airstrikes, and that Houthi forces were targeting “US and British military bases and bases” and that “war is raging in the Red Sea”.

The Houthis' Al-Masira TV reported that US-British strikes hit al-Taylami air base north of the capital Sana'a, as well as Hodeidah airport and Kahlan camp east of Saada city. were targeted.

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Television later reported that the raids had resumed after a brief pause and that new US and British strikes had taken place in the Yemeni governorates of Saada and Hodeidah.

US President Biden said today that the military had carried out “successful” strikes against targets in Yemen that the Houthis had threatened navigation, and insisted he would not hesitate to take further action if necessary.

Biden pointed out that Britain has joined the United States in attacks on the Houthis, backed by Australia, Bahrain, Canada and the Netherlands.

US President Joe Biden (Reuters)

A White House statement quoted Biden as saying: “These strikes come in response to unprecedented Houthi attacks against shipping in the Red Sea… The Houthis are endangering Americans, civilian sailors, our allies and attacking international commerce and threatening freedom of navigation. .”

Biden pointed out that these strikes send a clear message; The United States and its allies will not tolerate attacks, and will not allow freedom of navigation to be at risk.

The U.S. president explained that the strikes came after a large-scale diplomatic campaign, an increase in Houthi attacks against merchant ships, and after the Houthis were warned of consequences if the attacks did not stop.

Later, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin confirmed the attacks “targeted Houthi drones, ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, coastal radar capabilities and aerial surveillance”.

He said the strikes send a clear message to the Houthis that they will face further consequences if they do not end their attacks.

Austin stressed his country's readiness to take further action “if necessary”.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said Royal Air Force jets had carried out airstrikes on military bases belonging to the Houthi group in Yemen.

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A statement released by the Prime Minister today said that the Houthi group has carried out serious attacks against commercial shipping in the Red Sea, which poses a threat to commercial shipping.

British Defense Minister Grant Shabbs said in a statement today that 4 Royal Air Force Typhoon fighter jets carried out strikes on two Houthi military targets.

Shabbs said in his account that the move with the United States on Thursday night at the “X” site was to “protect ships and freedom of navigation” after the growing threat from Houthi attacks in the Red Zone. the sea

Yemen's neighbor Saudi Arabia has expressed deep concern over military operations in the Red Sea and airstrikes on bases in Yemen.

In a statement, the ministry called for “restraint and avoidance of escalation in light of events in the region” and stressed the importance of maintaining the security and stability of the Red Sea region.

The Saudi Foreign Ministry emphasized the importance of freedom of navigation in the Red Sea “as an international demand because it affects the interests of the entire world.”

A section of an armed group of Houthi supporters in Sana'a (AP).

Iranian TV, in its account on the “X” site, described Thursday night's attacks by the United States and Britain in Yemen as a “clear violation of Yemen's sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Lebanon's Hezbollah also released a statement expressing its condemnation of the US-British attacks on Yemen, and reaffirming that the US is a partner in the “carnage” it is waging with Israel in the “US occupation” region against Yemen. .

Russia called a UN Security Council meeting earlier today to discuss the US- and Britain-led attacks on Yemen.

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Several ships in the Red Sea have previously been attacked by the Yemeni Houthi group, which the group says is a response to the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip.

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