Tawfiq Farooq signed off with “unbridled elegance”.

“A Club for All People” has invited a party to launch composer and saxophonist Tawfiq Farooq's new work titled “Unbridled Elegance” on Tuesday, April 16 at 6pm at Al Safir Forum – Amin Minimneh Street – Hamra.

Tawfiq Farooq says: “Music is a language that evokes many things, that is, it starts with a melody and settles in the heart. Things we live, encounters, books, movies… from life… and this melody is very deep harmony and arrangement with tradition and elegance. Thanks.”

Five years have passed since the last release of Tawfiq Farooq's “Invisible Cities,” which celebrates the art of dialogue. A haunting conversation in a dream where men and women live harmoniously in real cities. Although the beat of music follows its own rhythm, the rhythm of life sometimes imposes the path and direction on us … “We spent so much time choosing shoes, we forgot to choose the path,” which is the most important. .

To understand the story of “Unbridled Elegance”, we need to go back to 2017, when Farooq composed the symphonic work “On the Limits of Things”. Fifty minutes of music written for a symphony orchestra and jazz quartet by the Lebanese National Symphony Orchestra, led by French maestro Alexandre Bisillon, in Beirut in 2018. Thus began a project born out of the author's desire to create a work. It contributes to the aesthetic and scientific perception of orchestral music and art.
Later, many activities were stopped due to the corona pandemic and Tawfiq Farooq got time to write new works. Despite the difficulties and because of the unprecedented global situation, the project included four quartets: a string quartet, a brass quartet, a wind quartet and a percussion quartet. With the support of the AFAC Foundation, the musicians were able to meet in Paris and record a series of pieces dedicated to many friends and teachers. Farooq says: “After the death of Joseph Sakr, the heartbeat changed because of the absence of Imad al-Shami and the death of Bassam Saba.”

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“Indomitable Elegance” is a record that humbly expresses the quiet and steadfast beauty of that great journey that takes us outside of time and form. The music is eclectic, inspired by jazz, inspired by music from the Balkans, influenced by classical music, and native to Arabic music. It does not reflect a particular aesthetic. As Emily Soren said, according to Tawfiq Farooq, “A person does not live in a country, but in a language, which is the motherland and nothing else.”

Because style is not concerned with consensus, nor with language, music is a language based on evoking different things, i.e. new things. Farooq says: “For him, it starts with a melody, it originates in the heart, and smoothly emerges from it, yes, melody is the basic starting point, it originates from things we live, from encounters, from books and movies… from life… and this melody is very Thanks to deep harmony and tradition, research and subtle delivery.”

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