South Lebanon is on fire…Hezbollah bombards key Israeli site, mourns 5 fighters | news


Lebanon's Hezbollah said five of its members were killed in clashes with the occupation army in southern Lebanon. It also bombarded the Israeli Meron base with 62 missiles as part of what it described as an initial response to the Sheikh assassination. Saleh Al-Arouri and his comrades, Israel retaliated for the first time by targeting bases in southern Lebanon, including the Sidon district.

Party members “rose as martyrs on the road to Jerusalem,” without giving further details, bringing its death toll to 152 since October 8.

Before that, Hezbollah announced – in a statement – that it had fired 62 missiles north of Israel, targeting the Meron site, which is considered a management, surveillance and air control center and is also a center for electronic jamming operations. Manages air operations on average over Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Cyprus and the North Eastern basin of the Mediterranean Sea.

The party announced targeting Metula, Bayat Blita, Honin and Avivim forces.

Aggressive aircraft conduct almost daily raids on the Lebanese (French) border

Israeli attacks

In response, Israeli warplanes launched a series of attacks on various areas in southern Lebanon.

Al Jazeera's correspondent reported that Israeli strikes for the first time targeted the town of Qawtaria al-Siyad in the Sidon district and the Qulaila plain south of Tire. Israeli fighters also targeted the towns of Adisa, Burj al-Muluk and Yaron. The neighborhoods of Qiyam, Markaba, Mes al-Jabal, Hula and Blita came under Israeli artillery fire.

The images show Israel targeting al-Qawtaria area in Sidon district with two drones and one fighter jet bombing.

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The Israeli military also announced that the air force targeted Hezbollah bases and missile sites in the towns of Yaroun, Ramia and Aita al-Shaab in southern Lebanon.

An Israeli military spokesman said they tracked about 40 missiles being fired from Lebanon towards the Jabal al-Jarmak area in the Upper Galilee.

Israeli Channel 2 12 reported that sirens sounded in 94 towns along the border with Lebanon, including Safed and Karmiel in the Galilee. The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation, for its part, said the army had decided to close all roads and streets along the Lebanese border.

Yesterday, Friday, Hezbollah's Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah renewed his pledge to respond to the assassination of Saleh al-Aruri, the head of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), in a televised address, saying “the response is inevitable.” The massacre was also considered a “major and dangerous breach” in the Suburban South.

In a related development, the Islamic group in Lebanon – in a statement today Saturday – fired missiles at Kiryat Shmona in northern Israel.

In solidarity with Gaza, Hezbollah and Palestinian factions in Lebanon have exchanged nonstop daily bombardments with the Israeli military since October 8.

Since last October 7, the Israeli occupation army launched its occupation against Gaza, as of Saturday, 22,722 martyrs and 58,166 injured, most of them children and women, massive destruction of infrastructure and “unprecedented humanitarian disaster”. Official Palestinian Sources and Internationalism.

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