Sham Al-Dahabi loses a lot of weight after giving birth – photo

Sham Al-Dahabi, daughter of Syrian artist Asala Nasri, expressed her happiness at losing her excess weight after giving birth to her first daughter (Jihan).

Sham posted a photo of herself after losing a lot of weight and commented:

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There are some simple steps to help the mother return to her normal weight, which does not require simple changes in diet and practicing some simple sports such as walking and other sports:

In a study of 4,922 breastfeeding women, they lost an additional 1.68 kilograms compared to non-breastfeeding women.

Soluble fiber especially increases the feeling of satiety because it slows down the digestive process and reduces the secretion of hunger hormones.

Studies show that protein in particular has a greater impact on weight loss than other foods because it takes more energy to digest, which means more calories are burned.

Protein makes you feel full by increasing the secretion of satiety hormones and decreasing the secretion of hunger hormones.

Healthy proteins you should eat are lean meats, eggs, fish, legumes, nuts, seeds and dairy products.

Studies have found a correlation between obesity rates among people and the type of food they store in their homes.

Refined carbohydrates refer to foods like white flour that lack fiber and minerals compared to brown flour.

Refined sugars and carbohydrates are not only associated with weight gain, but are also linked to many serious diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

These are processed foods like fast food, potato chips, biscuits and candy.

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If this amount is increased to one and a half liters of water per day, the person will burn 24% to 30% excess calories in the next hour.

Drinking water reduces your appetite and the calories you consume.

The same holds true for people in general, as studies have found a strong link between sleep deprivation and weight gain in adults.

Exercise improves heart health and reduces the risk of diabetes and some types of cancer.

An analysis of 12 studies found that people who combined healthy eating with exercise lost about 1.72 kilograms more than those who relied on healthy eating alone.

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