Sex scandal during Brazilian camp.. “A Hungarian woman” demands Neymar's “father” to identify her!

“He has a son in every country.” Neymar's sex scandals don't stop, this time with a Hungarian woman!


Day by day allegations against Brazilian player Neymar da Silva are coming out in public. Al Hilal Saudi professional, with sexual abuse, the woman who announced two days ago that she was waiting for the arrival of a child, claiming to be the player's son, another appeared tonight, but this one is ten years old. Daughter!

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According to the “Estadão” newspaper, the Hungarian woman, Gabriela Kasper, is demanding 160,000 Brazilian reals (30,000 euros) a month for her ten-year-old daughter, who she says is the result of her relationship with Neymar. ), has borne all her expenses for the past ten years. In the past years, whether it was feeding her daughter or conducting medical tests during pregnancy, she estimated 2 million Brazilian reals.

The newspaper explained that the Hungarian lawyer submitted his request to the judge, and if the latter accepts it, Neymar will be forced to undergo a DNA test.

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For his part, Angelo Carbone pointed out: Gabriela's lawyer claimed that he and Neymar had sex when they went to watch Brazil's friendly match against Bolivia in June 2013, when he met the samba star and started a relationship with him. .

The lawyer insisted that the Hungarian woman tried to contact Neymar's parents and her sister several times and sent him several messages through her Instagram account, bearing pictures of her daughter, but no one responded to her.

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“Estadão” confirmed that it tried to contact Neymar's media officials, but they all refused to comment positively or negatively on the issue.

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