Russia intensifies its false propaganda against “Paris Olympics”.

Russia has stepped up its disinformation campaign to discredit the International Olympic Committee and raise fears of violence at this summer’s Paris Olympics, according to a new report from Microsoft’s Threat Analysis Center.

According to Microsoft, influence operations use a combination of fake videos, fake news and AI-generated impersonation, including the fake voice of Hollywood star Tom Cruise, to negatively affect the Olympic Games; In response to sanctions imposed on Russian athletes in the wake of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

“Russia is intensifying these malicious campaigns against France, President (Emmanuel) Macron, the International Olympic Committee and the Paris Olympics,” Clint Watts, general manager of Microsoft’s Threat Analysis Center, said Sunday.

He added: “Microsoft’s threat analysis center has observed antiquated tactics mixed with artificial intelligence… which could intensify as the Paris 2024 opening ceremony approaches.”

Microsoft also spoke about suspicions of Russian groups behind the release of fake photos of the Olympics (Reuters).

The report revealed that two active Russian cyber groups, Storm-1679 and Doppelganger, changed their operations to directly target the Olympic Games last year.

Their malicious activities were followed by a feature-length mockumentary titled “The Olympics Have Fallen” on Telegram in June 2023.

With the help of artificial intelligence, the voice of Tom Cruise, the hero of the movie “Top Gun”, used detailed computer graphics and an advanced marketing proposal. It is aimed at discrediting the International Olympic Committee in an apparent attempt to undermine global public support for the Paris 2024 Games.

Stork-1679 created and disseminated fictional videos, news clips and press releases, saying terror fears fueled a wave of ticket cancellations and drove Parisians to buy insurance for their properties.

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At the same time, the Doppelganger group intensified anti-Olympic messages through a network of 15 false websites and falsified content from French media such as Le Parisien to discredit Macron.

Microsoft also spoke about its suspicions of Russian groups behind the release of fake images that re-enact what happened to Israeli athletes at the hands of Palestinian gunmen at the 1972 Munich Olympics.

As the July 26 inauguration approaches, Microsoft expects the Russian disinformation campaign to intensify as more languages ​​and media platforms are used.

Microsoft’s Threat Analysis Center observed old tricks mixed with artificial intelligence (Reuters).

Watts warned that campaigns could even try to stage real-life provocations near Olympic venues to sow confusion.

The campaign is not surprising, as Macron said in April that he had “no doubt” that Russia was targeting the Paris Olympics, including disinformation, which the Kremlin “feeds every day the idea that we can’t do this or that. It’s dangerous.”

The International Olympic Committee announced in March that Russian and Belarusian athletes allowed to compete at the Paris Olympics under a neutral flag “will not participate in the opening ceremony of the Games.”

The International Olympic Committee last December excluded Russia from participating in the 2024 Olympics, but gave the green light for Russian and Belarusian athletes to compete as neutrals as long as they did not actively support the war on Ukraine.

Athletes from Russia and Belarus have faced sanctions from several sports federations since Moscow launched its offensive on Ukraine in February 2022.

Restrictions were eased last year, allowing athletes from both countries to return to competition under certain conditions. However, he was banned from participating in athletics.

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