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After an absence of 8 years, Romania relies on the sons of two of its biggest stars, during the journey of “European Cup 2024” football, one of them is coach Eduard Iardanescu (45 years old), carrying the torch from him. The father, Angel, stuck in the Romanians’ memory by leading his country’s national team to a great tournament result. In 1994, they beat Argentina in the 16th World Cup final.

The other is midfielder Yannis Hagi (25 years old), who will wear the number 10 shirt like his father Jorky Hagi.

The coach, who takes up his duties at the start of 2022, said in an interview published this week on the European Football Association’s (UEFA) website that by qualifying unbeaten in the qualifiers, “we have saved Romania’s reputation, but we have a lot more to do. to achieve.”

Romania qualified top of Group Nine with 6 wins and 4 draws, where it played Switzerland, Israel, Belarus, Kosovo and Andorra, scoring 16 goals and ranking as the second best attacking line in the group, while conceding only 5 goals. Best line of defense.

After returning to the “elite”, he did not set a specific goal for himself; Instead, he simply wants to “enjoy every moment, every day, every hour, every minute of the competition and give it his all.”

In the locker rooms, he delights in motivating his team, calling on them to “chart their own path” and “recover the lost joy,” a documentary recently shown in Romanian cinema reveals. Iordanescu Jr. said qualification was a “celebration” after the “difficult moments” the long-criticised team had gone through since 1998, away from the World Cup. believes

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After a 0-3 loss to Montenegro in a friendly in 2022, fans chanted: “Shame on you…resign,” with a sports commentator criticizing the team’s “humility”.

Commentator Ciprian Rose told Agence France-Presse: “Romania is the least experienced of all the teams participating in the (European Cup),” adding: “Only 4 to 5 players are playing in the five big leagues, and most of them are substitutes.”

He continues bitterly: “This is our position.” Even the coach admits the “inexperience” among his players compared to his rivals in Group E, which includes Slovakia, Ukraine and Belgium.

On the other hand, he praised a “very strong group of players” who reached the semi-finals of the European Under-21 Cup in 2019, losing 2-4 to runners-up Germany.

Most of them grew up together and trained at the academy founded by Georghe Hagi near his hometown of Constanta on the Black Sea coast.

Now that they are 25-26 years old, the European Cup gives them “an opportunity to prove themselves”, according to Rose, and register themselves as “the new golden generation”.

“Our ancestors showed us the way,” says Yannis Hagi, who considers his coach “an ambitious and essential player”. In turn, we want to make the masses dream and leave our influence on the next generation.

When he steps into Munich for the first match scheduled against Ukraine on June 17, he will no doubt think of his father, who advanced to the quarter-finals with his teammates 24 years ago.

After the qualifiers ended, Romania played 4 practice matches and did not win any of them, so they drew with Northern Ireland, Bulgaria and Liechtenstein, while losing to Colombia.

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Apart from Hagi, its squad relies on veteran midfielder Nikolaj Stanciu, who has 70 caps and 14 goals, and striker Jorky Puskas.

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