Qatar: Reports that Netanyahu is undermining mediation efforts on Gaza

Qatari Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Majid Al-Ansari speaks in Doha on November 28, 2023. Photo: Imad Greedy – Reuters. reuters_tickers

This content was published on January 24, 2024 – July 23:36,

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Qatar on Wednesday voiced its sharp condemnation of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's role in mediating the Gaza war after Netanyahu described the Gulf state in a leaked recording.

Qatari Foreign Ministry spokesman Majid al-Ansari wrote on Platform X, “We strongly condemn the statements attributed to the Israeli prime minister in various media reports regarding Qatar's mediation.”

He continued, “If the circulating reports turn out to be true, the Israeli prime minister will block and undermine mediation efforts for narrow political reasons instead of prioritizing saving lives, including Israeli hostages.”

In a leaked recording of a meeting with hostage families broadcast by Israeli Channel 12 news, Netanyahu described Qatar as a “problem”.

He said, “You didn't see me thanking Qatar, didn't you notice? I didn't thank Qatar. Why? Because Qatar, to me, is not fundamentally different from the United Nations, from the Red Cross, but in some ways it's still a problem. However, “a mediator is now telling them I'm willing to do anything to help me bring (the hostages) home.”

An Israeli government spokesman could not immediately be reached for comment on Qatar's statement or whether the leaked recording was authentic.

A Qatari foreign ministry spokesman said in a statement: “Rather than engaging in Qatar's strategic relationship with the United States, we believe Netanyahu will work proactively to overcome obstacles to reaching an agreement to release the hostages.”

(Reporting by Enas Al-Ashry and Henrid Saker – Prepared by Marwa Gharib for Arab Bulletin)

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