Producer Pascal Magamis: “Tomorrow will be better”!

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Despite all the circumstances and hardships Lebanon is experiencing, the adherence to cultural resistance and love of life and happiness is the most important characteristic of the Lebanese, and producer Pascal Mogamis excels because he is so behind the system. Important concerts await Lebanon during the summer, to continue the process of success he achieved in the past years.

In a private conversation with him, producer Pascal Moghamis confirms that this summer’s show will be complete, which Moghamis has worked hard on based on the principles of Lebanese beauty, art and culture. So, as usual the concerts will be many in the “Casino du Liban” and especially the “Ambassador’s Hall” and the beginning will be in Eid al-Adha with two big concerts, the first with the superstar Rakeb Alama. Next up is creative musician Guy Manokhian on June 17th, and a second Queen Eliza and Star will appear next on June 22nd. Next July 13, Mugamis announced that there will be other concerts at the “Ambassadors Hall” including Tarab Sultan, George Wassuf and Nakshatra Adam. In addition to two concerts at Faqra, the first on August 16 with Ragheb Alama and Guy Manokhian, and the second on August 17 with Ziad Borji, musician Michael Fadel and DJ Rudge.

Mugamis feels that this year’s concerts are diverse, and the names may be repeated, but he knows what will attract the audience and how to bring the stars together. As for the difficulties, they are always in Lebanon in light of economic and security crises, in addition to the ongoing war in the region. Perhaps in summers past, party organizers were counting on tourists attending parties. But this year, the parties are full of more risks, because the conditions in the country and the region may discourage them, he confirms that he is trying to break this fear through advertisements for the Eid al-Adha celebrations. As it happens every summer, it did not express much hope for the arrival of thousands of tourists.

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In everything he does, Pascal Magums sends a simple and purposeful message: to keep our country and always try to provide what we want, and that is enough in light of the burdens that await us from all aspects. Mugamis insists that he will continue to produce his concerts personally, just like on day one, as these concerts provide livelihood to a large number of people in the absence of the government.

Regarding his preparations for concerts outside Lebanon, Mogamis confirmed that there are always arrangements, and the demand from his company to produce concerts abroad is intense, but he prefers to select concerts that he considers complementary to his company.

Pascal Magamis is committed to Lebanon, spreading happiness, hope and positive energy, and concludes by affirming that he is contributing to the return of Lebanon to its former glory, and that it will return better than us. Saying “tomorrow is better”, Lebanon continues its constant effort to preserve the beacon of the East in art and culture.

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