OpenAI offers per-user versions of the chatbot technology

Artificial intelligence application company OpenAI has launched a platform to offer personalized versions of its artificial intelligence conversation service (chatbot) to each user in conjunction with ChatGBT, after months of postponement, a German news agency reported.

The new platform, called “GPTS”, relies on automated chat technology, but specializes in performing specific tasks.

According to the agency's statement, the GBT platform will become more experienced in responding to the needs of each individual user, for example, recommending shortcuts to his destination and recipes to help solve math problems.

User can pay through GPT Store service to use GPT4 chat.

OpenAI, which is owned by US software empire Microsoft, wants to explain how developers will benefit from the GPTS service in the future by the end of the first quarter of this year.

In November, OpenAI announced the platform and indicated its desire to launch it quickly, but the company's disclosed crisis led to the postponement of the step.

The board of directors removed CEO and co-founder Sam Altman from his post, only to return to his post amid employee and investor protests against his removal.

OpenAI says users have already created more than 3 million special versions of GPTS since the service was announced two months ago. It is not yet clear how many of these versions are currently available on the platform.

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