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Arab-International Consensus: “International Justice” decision binding on all

Judges of the United Nations International Court of Justice on Friday ordered Israel to halt its military offensive on the town of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, in an emergency ruling that represents a landmark, and within the framework of the law. South Africa sues Israel for genocide The decision was welcomed by Arab and international bodies, with a consensus that it was binding.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia welcomed the verdict of the International Court of Justice. A Saudi Arabian foreign ministry statement described the court’s ruling as “a positive step for the moral and legal rights of the Palestinian people.”

Saudi Arabia stressed the importance of “international resolutions covering all Palestinian territories in accordance with internationally legitimate resolutions” and “renewed its call to the international community to assume its responsibilities to end all forms of aggression against the Palestinian people.”

Judges enter the hall of the International Court of Justice in The Hague (AFP)

Cooperation Council

Secretary-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council Jassim Al-Budaywi welcomed the International Court of Justice’s ruling, saying in a statement: “This decision by the highest judicial body of the United Nations reflects the commitment of the international community. International law and justice, and promote the protection of the rights of the Palestinian people.

Al-Budaywi called on the international community, with all its organizations and institutions, to pressure Israel to “take the necessary steps to ensure compliance with these decisions.”

Al-Budaywi assured the full support of the GCC countries to the Palestinian people in their “legitimate struggle to obtain their legitimate rights and establish their state”.

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Smoke billows above Rafah as a result of Israeli bombing on Friday (dpa).


UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the court’s ruling was “bound” by the UN Charter and the Statute of the Court. UN issues “international justice” decisions regarding Israeli military action in Gaza


The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) welcomed the court’s ruling, saying in a statement: “We welcome… today’s ruling by the International Court of Justice. Immediately the city of Rafah.

He added: “We expected the International Court of Justice to issue a decision to stop the aggression and genocide against our people not only in Rafah Governorate but in the entire Gaza Strip. What happens in Jabaliya and other governorates of the Gaza Strip is no less criminal and dangerous than what happens in Rafah.

Hamas called for “the international community and the United Nations to put pressure on the occupation,” adding that “the international community and all relevant United Nations bodies led by the UN Security Council… have a historic responsibility. To achieve the principle of international justice.”

Arab group

The Arab Group at the United Nations welcomed the International Court’s order, and in a statement issued by the United Arab Emirates representative, Muhammad Abu Shehab, called on Israel to implement without delay all interim measures requested by the Court.

Riyad Mansour, the Palestinian representative to the United Nations, insisted that the International Court of Justice’s ruling “constrains all parties under the banner of facing the crime of genocide.”

“Israel has no choice but to implement all the decisions of the International Court of Justice,” Mansour told a press conference from the organization’s headquarters in New York, noting that “the court’s precautionary decisions call for an end to all military operations in the entire Gaza Strip, and the opening of the Rafah crossing, as much aid and coercion as necessary.” Claimed conflict for displacement.

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Cairo welcomed the court’s decision and a statement from the Egyptian Foreign Ministry said Egypt “calls on Israel to comply with international humanitarian law and within the framework of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide”. Implement all interim measures provided by law and the International Court of Justice.

He added that the court’s decisions are “legally binding and enforceable as they are delivered by the highest international judicial body”.

It asserted that “Israel bears full legal responsibility as the occupying power for the deteriorating humanitarian conditions in the Gaza Strip,” and called on Israel to “end its systematic policies of targeting, starvation and blockade against the Palestinian people.”

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry said the court’s ruling was “in line with the current tragic situation in the Gaza Strip”.

Palestinian supporters outside the International Court of Justice building in The Hague on Friday (Reuters)

In the statement, the ministry noted its forewarning of the dangers of Israeli military operations in Palestinian Rafah and called on the Security Council and the international community to “fulfill their legal and humanitarian responsibilities by taking decisive steps to end the humanitarian crisis.” Catastrophe in the Gaza Strip.”


Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman al-Safadi said the court’s verdict exposed Israeli “war crimes”. He added on the X website: “Once again, the International Court of Justice exposes Israeli war crimes in Gaza. “Once again, the Israeli government acts in contempt of international law and refuses to comply with the court’s orders.”

Al-Safadi called on the Security Council to “take up its responsibilities and put an end to Israel’s impunity and double standards in applying international law.”

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The EU’s foreign policy chief, Joseph Borrell, believed that a choice had to be made whether to respect the bloc’s support for international institutions or its support for Israel.

In an event held in Florence, he added: What will be our position on today’s decision of the International Court of Justice? “We must choose between our support for international institutions associated with the rule of law and our support for Israel.”

The European commissioner for crisis management, Janez Lenarčić, insisted that the court’s ruling was “binding on the parties” and that everyone must comply with it.

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