News that Netanyahu is eager to respond to Iran, Washington is trying to stop him


Israeli media confirmed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's support for a retaliatory strike against an Iranian attack targeting Israel, and this coincided with US warnings about the consequences of an Israeli response to the situation in the region.

The Israeli War Council concluded a meeting – today, Monday – that lasted 3 hours, and no official statement was issued after the meeting, but CNN quoted an Israeli official as saying the council reviewed military plans for possible retaliation against Iran.

In turn, “Haaretz” newspaper, one of the sources familiar with the council's deliberations, confirmed that there is intense international pressure on Israel, which greatly affects the decision-making regarding a possible response.

The source said that Netanyahu supports attacks on Iran and that the security establishment is pressuring them to carry out these attacks.

The Israeli Broadcasting Authority cited sources as saying the prime minister refused to take calls from foreign leaders after the Iran attack, fearing he would be exposed to pressure to refrain from responding to the attack.

In a way Washington would accept

For its part, Israeli Channel 12 said the Israeli response would be “acceptable to Washington and unlikely to drag the region into war” and explained that “the Israeli political and security leadership has clearly decided to respond.” And decisively for an Iranian attack.”

According to the Israel Broadcasting Corporation, Netanyahu told Likud ministers that Israel would respond intelligently to an Iranian attack, and quoted the prime minister as saying, “Iran must experience the tension as we experienced it.”

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While Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari referred to a response to Iran “at the appropriate time and place,” the broadcaster quoted a senior Israeli official as saying, “Iran will respond to the attack, the question is when and where.” The official confirmed that Israel had promised to notify the US before any offensive action in Iran.

American reservation

Contrary to Israeli interest in attacking Iran, the US Department of Defense affirmed that Washington is not seeking escalation, but is taking the necessary steps to protect Israel. , but we are not seeking expansion.”

For his part, a US official told Al Jazeera that Washington was continuing its efforts to prevent further escalation, but stressed that the decision was up to Israel.

The official hinted that Israel might seek to strike targets deep inside Iran, stressing that a possible attack “is not aimed at escalation, but at making Iran understand Israel's ability to reach anywhere.”

The official stressed that the United States “does not want to enter into a cycle of actions and countermeasures or a wider conflict between Israel and Iran.”

Tehran launched hundreds of missiles and drones at Israel from Saturday evening to Sunday in retaliation for the April 1 bombing of its embassy in Damascus.

Israel said it was able to intercept 99% of the drones and missiles launched by Iran with the help of its defense weapons and its allies, while the latter said it succeeded in hitting half of its targets during the attack.

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