News of serious Israeli attacks in southern Lebanon


Today, Wednesday, the Israeli occupation army intensified its bombardment of towns in southern Lebanon, a day after Hezbollah targeted a building used by occupation soldiers in the Metula colony, after a similar attack by the party resulted in the death of two occupation soldiers. .

Al Jazeera correspondents reported that a missile was fired from southern Lebanon towards an Israeli base in the town of Metulla, followed by Israeli strikes on the towns of Aida al-Shaab and Ramiya and the Jabal Balad area in southern Lebanon. In Galilee, sirens sounded in many cities.

Lebanon’s official news agency reported that Israeli warplanes carried out 18 strikes in Jabal Balad and the suburbs of Ramiyah and Beit Lev in the central sector, and launched a series of raids in Aida al-Shaab and its suburbs. The forest between it and Ramiya Nagar.

According to the agency, Israeli planes earlier raided the Aida al-Shabain suburb before midnight, causing heavy damage to surrounding properties, infrastructure and homes.

The outskirts of the towns of Rmeish and Ramia were exposed to heavy machine-gun fire from Israeli positions near the dividing blue line early today, targeting water tanks on roofs of houses and roads between border villages, the agency said.

Israeli artillery shelling was also carried out around the towns of Kafr Shuba and Kafr Hamam in the eastern part of southern Lebanon.

Israeli warplanes flew at low levels in the airspace of southern Lebanon and the airspace of the villages of Balbek district (northeast) and the airspace of the eastern sector. The capital Beirut also saw intense flights by Israeli spy planes.

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It comes a day after Hezbollah said a drone strike targeted a gathering of Israeli soldiers near the town of Metulla. The Israeli army announced yesterday that two soldiers were killed in the attack. Israeli Channel 13 also reported that a house in the town of Metulla was hit by an anti-tank missile.

“The enemy officers and soldiers targeted the Yifta forces while they were in their yards and hit them with precision, killing and wounding them,” Hezbollah said in a statement, citing attacks on Israeli occupation army targets. “In Defense of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.”

Last night, Israeli warplanes launched a series of missile strikes targeting the towns of Aida al-Shab, Maroun al-Ras, Aidarun, Hula, Kafar Qila and Qiyam.

The Israeli army of occupation has continued to increase its attacks on towns and villages in southern Lebanon since October 7, in conjunction with its continued offensive against the Gaza Strip.

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