New trouble for Amr Diab…he slapped a fan in the face with a selfie photo! (See video)

After Egyptian singer Amr Diab insulted his personal driver and assaulted a sound engineer on stage, a video clip documented the artist’s new and reprehensible behavior.
A video showing Diab slapping a fan in the face for trying to take a selfie with him at the wedding of producer Mohammed Al-Saadi’s daughter has sparked outrage and outrage on social media platforms.

The video showed the moment the youngster tried to take a selfie with the singer after his segment, only to be surprised when his favorite singer slapped him in the face.

Notably, this is not the first time that Amr Diab has run into such trouble, as he was previously fired by a sound engineer in an “indecent” manner, and he also described his driver as an animal last February.

Three incidents ago, in 2018, he assaulted one of his bodyguards during a concert, after one of the participants went on stage to take a picture with him, the guard intervened to prevent him from approaching, but Amr Diab quickly got away from him and the guard beat him in front of the audience.



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