New Air Force Revealed by Hezbollah: Specific Measures to Counter Massacres

Two weeks after writing an article on Hezbollah’s offensive air force, it revealed for the first time a new missile-launching drone that fired its missiles at the Metulla base. According to follow-up sources, this surprise was one of the party’s air surprises, hitting another target.

Sources say that the party has a large number of drones and that it has so far demonstrated only a few of them, revealing the capabilities to the nature of the war and what it requires, and therefore the continuation and expansion of the war could lead to further exposure, which has worried the Israelis.

In many operations, drones launched by Hezbollah could not be detected very accurately, and the ability to strike a target must be considered. And hitting it was another feat, marked by its ability to completely control it despite all the jamming and security systems used by the Israelis.

At other times, the Israeli military detected drones launching from southern Lebanon and fired air defense missiles at them, but used fighter jets to pursue the drones, according to sources. But in most operations they could not be shot.

Therefore, the talk within the Israeli army is that, unable to counter these types of weapons launched from close range, fly for a while, at a low altitude, and reach the target without any prior warning, and get out of here. Huge human losses in the ranks of the Israeli army.

According to the sources, the drones’ ability to reach deep into the occupied Palestinian territory is a complex operation targeting the Air Force’s extensive aerial surveillance and detection system “Tal Shamayim”. Reconnaissance and target identification The target is located 35 kilometers from Lebanon.

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With the new standard measures, Hezbollah seeks to counter carnage based on the targeting, depth and type of weapons used to prevent the Israelis from drawing a new equation based on carnage. We can study the danger of the stage. A war in its current form without Israeli withdrawal and without withdrawal by the party will lead to Israeli attacks in new areas of Lebanon, like yesterday Friday’s attack on the villages of the Zahrani coast, and this will lead. New Standard Activities of the Party.

As we said before, if there are wars within the war between Hezbollah and Israel, there is an attempt and a counter-attempt to create new deterrence equations after the collapse of all previous rules. Conflicts moved elsewhere, particularly with the Israeli prime minister’s insistence on prolonging the war.

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