Netanyahu backed away from Biden’s plan to end the war on Gaza

Financial Times: Netanyahu backs away from Biden’s plan to end war on Gaza

British Financial Times reports Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has backed down from US President Joe Biden to end the war on Gaza. The Israeli war cabinet met late Sunday for “critical talks” about a possible deal with Hamas, but officials close to Netanyahu made clear that no deal to permanently end the war in Gaza would be accepted.

On Sunday, the Financial Times cited informed sources as saying that Israel under Netanyahu would not accept an end to the war “until all of the war’s goals are achieved.” Sources confirmed to the Financial Times that the content of Biden’s speech was “a big surprise to the Israeli government”, although Israeli reports previously said Netanyahu and Israeli War Council Minister Benny Gantz knew in advance that Biden would speak. About the transfer agreement in his speech.

Israel fears that Netanyahu will reject Biden’s proposal

Meanwhile, Israel’s Channel 13 reported, citing officials, that there are fears that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will not agree to continue the exchange deal with Hamas due to concerns about his political future. The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation reported that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had promised his coalition partners not to stop fighting, stressing that the chances of reaching an agreement were “slim”.

On Sunday, an aide to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed that Israel had accepted the deal put forward by US President Joe Biden to end the war on Gaza, but at the same time he described it as “flawed” and in need of more work.

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In an interview with British newspaper The Sunday Times, Ofir Falk, Netanyahu’s chief foreign policy adviser, said Biden’s plan was “a deal we agreed to… It’s not a good deal, but we really want to release the hostages, all of them.” “The Israeli conditions, including the release of the hostages and the destruction of Hamas… have not changed,” he added.

In a speech on Friday, US President Joe Biden explained that Israel has presented a new three-phase proposal to end the war on Gaza, which includes a ceasefire and the release of prisoners to their homes. In his speech, the US president called on all parties to agree to the proposal and said “Hamas’ rejection of the new Israeli proposal would mean Israel’s continuation of the war in Gaza”.

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