National News Agency – Hezbollah and the people of Harbda mourn martyr Hussain Nabil al-Mawla.

NNA – Hezbollah and the people of Harbta and North Bekaa cities mourned martyr Hussein Nabil Al-Mawla “Shamran”.

A tribute event was organized in front of the city’s Husaynih, during which a group of mujahideen carried the coffin, and many others saluted and took the oath of allegiance and allegiance to the sound of the music of the Imam al-Mahdi scouts. Baalbeck-Hermel, Chairman of the Delegation, M.P. Hussain Al-Haj Hasan, MP Melhem Al-Hujairi, Political Advisor to the General Secretary of the “Party” Husayn Al-Moussawi in the Bekaa Region, Husayn Al-Nimr, religious scholars, families of martyrs and activists and a gathering of families.

Representative Haj Hassan affirmed, “The resistance will complete operations in support of Gaza, confronting a terrorist enemy amidst the sharp edges of swords, the sound of bullets and the roar of drones that have confused the enemy. He does not know what to do after his F-16 fighter jets fail to shoot down our drones. .

After the city’s imam, Sheikh Muhammad al-Mawla, led a prayer over the pure body, the funeral procession began, led by a band, scout groups of Imam al-Mahdi scouts and images of banner bearers and leaders. The coffin was carried amid flowers, rice, trumpets, chants of death for America and Israel, and takbeers and applause, all the way to the city cemetery, where after praying over the pure body of the martyr, the body was buried. With martyrs before him.

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