NASA postpones plan to collect samples from Mars

The American space agency NASA, its plan to bring samples from Mars to Earth, the goal of the “Mars Sample Return” program, according to NASA, is to prepare human explorers to carry out the project, which, according to reports, has advanced several times due to high costs.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said last Monday that the agency is “currently seeking innovative designs from its staff” to move forward with the “Mars Model Return” project, the most complex mission NASA has ever undertaken: “The $11 billion budget is very expensive, and the 2040 return date is far off.” ” he said. Collecting samples, launching a rocket with samples from a planet, something that's never been done before, and transporting samples over 33 million miles to Earth is no small task to find a way forward and return the samples within a time frame,” Nelson explained. The $11 billion costs $5 to $7 Project reviews indicate that it should not exceed $2.5 billion as a result of budget cuts for fiscal years 2024 and 2025. Notably, NASA's Perseverance rover has been collecting samples from Mars since landing in 2021 NASA hopes to collect more than 30 samples to study the history of the planet.

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