Myths About Weight Loss Injections.. Know the Truth

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Thursday, May 2, 2024

Slimming injections are so popular and used by many celebrities, such as Uber Winfrey and Elon Musk, that their popularity and popularity has led to the spread of some myths about other benefits, The Telegraph reported.


Fertility and pregnancy are among the most popular myths surrounding slimming injections, and the expression “ozambic babies” has become popular to describe unplanned pregnancies after taking the injections.

This is because obesity reduces fertility, and “being overweight is often associated with polycystic ovary syndrome, which makes women relatively infertile.”

According to Dr. Ralph Abraham of the London Medical Center, “Because obesity brings with it other health problems that can prevent pregnancy, any drug that reduces obesity is likely to increase fertility.”

Male fertility

Likewise, the effect of slimming injections on male fertility is a myth, as obesity is linked to decreased sperm count and motility, meaning it's not the injections, but the weight loss.

Abraham believes that if pregnancy is the goal, it is best to lose weight the traditional way through nutrition and physical activity.

“I don't recommend taking unnecessary medications during pregnancy,” warns Abraham, “The medication has not been studied during pregnancy, and we don't know what it does to the fetus, or if it's safe.”

Erectile dysfunction

Some men report that the injections cause erectile problems. However, type 2 diabetes treated with Ozembic has been associated with erectile dysfunction.

Dr. As Abraham notes, “Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common complaints, and the reason Viagra is so widely used. Many factors can cause erectile dysfunction. But there is no specific evidence that injections cause erectile dysfunction, or low testosterone.”

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Bad breath

“Why some people develop bad breath is another question that is not fully understood,” admits Dr. Abraham. “But there's no evidence that it's caused by medication. However, if you suffer from bad breath, medication may make it more noticeable.”

Side Effects of Slimming Injections

Dr. Abraham advises patients to start with a very low dose of the drug and increase it gradually to make sure the person tolerates the dose and that any side effects are manageable.

The side effects of the infusion disappear after two days, but if the dose is weekly, it is renewed when the drug is taken. Usually, side effects are a sign that the dose needs to be adjusted.

Buy online

Buying slimming injections online is not safe, and after the popularity of these injections, medical supervision has become necessary to adjust the correct dosage and monitor and control side effects.

Facts: The weight will come back

“From clinical trial evidence, it's clear that weight regain is a reality, so I tell patients that when you're taking these medications, you're taking them for a long time,” says Dr. Abraham.

“This group of drugs, the GLP-1 agonists, have been used safely since they were first described 14 years ago, but we have no evidence beyond that,” he adds. “In another 15 years, we'll have more information to guide us.”

Gas and burping

“Abdominal bloating is definitely a possibility, and it may be a variable concern, but it's there,” Dr. Abraham agrees.

He explains, “Drugs work on the gut. Bloating is common, and patients often need medication to relieve constipation.” “Similarly, stomach stasis, which is part of the drug's action, can lead to increased belching.”

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Diet and exercise

It is true that after taking slimming injections, a person feels full quickly, but a nutritionist is not a requirement.

Also, exercise is no longer necessary for weight or blood glucose control, but movement is still essential for cardiovascular and other physical functions.

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