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What does it mean to support Palestine’s membership in a “majority United Nations” body?

A majority at the United Nations General Assembly on Friday decided to give Palestinians some additional rights in the absence of actual accession, in a vote that angered Israel, deeming Palestinians entitled to full membership in the international body. , blocked by the US through its “veto” in the Security Council.

Speaking on behalf of Arab countries, the United Arab Emirates representative, Mohammed Isa Abu Shehab, said the decision would have a major impact on the future of the Palestinian people. , although granted additional rights, it would remain an observer state with no right to contest in the General Assembly or United Nations bodies.

Repetition of old request

In response to the war in Gaza, the Palestinians reiterated a demand they made in early April 2011, seeking to make Palestine a full member state of the United Nations, as it currently enjoys “non-state” status. A Member State with Observer Status.”

A positive recommendation by the Security Council is required before a two-thirds majority vote in the General Assembly to grant full membership. But the United States vetoed the draft resolution on April 18.

Although the General Assembly could not override this “veto”, the Palestinians decided to go to the 193 member states and demonstrate that, absent the US “veto”, they would have obtained the two-thirds majority required to approve membership.

The draft resolution, submitted by the United Arab Emirates and adopted by a majority of 143 votes to 9, and 25 votes in favor, states that ‚ÄúPalestine qualifies for membership of the United Nations in accordance with Article 4 of the Charter and should therefore be adopted. Member of the United Nations.”

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It also recommends that the Security Council “reconsider this issue positively”.

A Vicious Diplomatic Circle

Richard Cowen, an analyst at the International Crisis Group, explained: “We may find ourselves in a vicious diplomatic circle, with the General Assembly repeatedly calling for Palestinian membership and the US using its veto against it.”

From this point of view, the text proposes the granting of “additional rights and privileges” to the Palestinians “as an exception and not as a precedent”, starting at the 79th session of the General Assembly in September.

The text, which expressly excludes the right to vote and run for a non-permanent seat on the Security Council, allows Palestinians, for example, to submit proposals and amendments directly without going to a third country. reported.

Although these measures were largely symbolic, Israel’s government rejected the two-state solution and condemned the decision. The United States, which voted against the resolution, also expressed its reservations about the initiative.

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