Le Drian prepares a working paper on the situation in Lebanon for Macron’s possession at a meeting with Biden in Normandy.

A Lebanese official who met French Ambassador Jean-Yves Le Trian on the first day of his current visit told the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Anba, “The visit of the French ambassador is exploratory in every sense of the word, and he is not. Take any suggestions or ideas. He did not, however, hide the main reason for his visit, which included him with US President Joe Biden at a summit to prepare a working report on the situation in Lebanon to be made available to French President Emmanuel Macron. Sixth of June next in Normandy. Therefore, the accompanying delegation recorded verbatim what the Lebanese leaders said.

The note expressed his astonishment at the questions Le Trian spoke to and the answers to which he often knew from his previous tours. He questioned the reasons behind the rigging of the presidential election, questioning again whether these reasons still exist, the divide between those who want dialogue and those who want to be consulted, and what ideas. , proposals and solutions you need to fill the void in the presidency.

“By simply repeating the questions without connecting them with a practical approach, the note believes that the French administration does not want to repeat its previous experience when it rushed to accept a replacement proposal between the first presidency and the third presidency (Suleiman). Franjieh and Nawaf Salam), which is the Amal movement. And Hizbullah’s admitted by two, however, it fell because it does not take into account the balance of power in the Christian scene, it refuses to be a follower but a primary partner. Even a leader among equals in devising a suitable presidential solution.”

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The source focused on “US Ambassador Lisa Johnson’s quick visits before she left for Washington to attend the annual meeting of her country’s ambassadors abroad, which she concluded with the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nabih Perry.” It effectively shut down presidential minutes reserved for ambassadors of the five-year committee, and presented its own report on the situation in Lebanon before Le Drian, which will be in Biden’s hands to discuss with Macron.

When asked for proof: Did the Normandy summit accept Johnson’s statement or Le Drian’s statement? He confidently replied, “The American point of view is to advance French diplomacy while saving face, especially since the French know that the Lebanese parties prefer an American-Arab solution to any other solution.”

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