Khamenei: “True promise” achieves victories and proves Iran's strength News

On Sunday, Iranian leader Ali Khamenei hailed the unprecedented strikes his country launched against Israel and deemed them successful, insisting their purpose was to demonstrate Iran's strength.

In his first comments on the attacks on Israel a week ago in response to the targeting of the Iranian consulate in Damascus, Khamenei said during his meeting with the commanders of several armed forces that a “real promise” was the basis for action. Demonstrate the strength of will of the Iranian people and armed forces on the international stage.

Khamenei thanked the armed forces for “successes” in strikes using missiles and drones, saying his country had demonstrated the extent of its capabilities during the operation.

He added, “The issue of whether the missiles were launched or hit the target is a secondary and secondary issue for the other side to focus on. The most important issue is to demonstrate the strength of the will of the Iranian people and the armed forces in the international arena, which is the cause of the other side's discomfort.”

He also said that Iranian forces have been able to reduce costs and maximize gains in recent operations, calling on military leaders to relentlessly pursue military innovation and learn the enemy's tactics, he said.

According to US and Israeli reports, Iran launched about 350 missiles and drones against Israel.

Tel Aviv and Washington said most of the Iranian missiles and drones were shot down before reaching their targets inside Israel, but the Israeli military acknowledged that an air base in the Negev was hit by several missiles.

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The Iranian guide ignored reports of an attack targeting a military facility in the central city of Isfahan, which US officials said was carried out by Israel in response to recent Iranian attacks.

Yesterday, Saturday, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdullahian downplayed the attack on Isfahan, comparing it to “child's play” and insisting that there would be no response unless Tehran's interests were targeted.

Iranian officials said small drones were used in the attack and were countered, but U.S. and Israeli reports indicated the military airfield in Isfahan was targeted by missiles fired by a fighter jet from outside Iranian airspace.

Satellite images showed damage to an air defense system at the Iranian base.

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