Jiajia blocks a presidential election…and Le Trian asks Jumblatt for help!

“The Lebanon Debate”

Today, the Progressive Socialist Party begins its tour of political parties, at the request of French ambassador Jean-Yves Le Trian, who considers the party a middle position, what initiative will it present?

In this context, informed sources confirm that the idea of ​​the movement published by the Socialist Party came at the request of Le Trian, especially after he had met all of them and reached an understanding, as it was known, the “Lebanese debate”. President Perry about the conversation.

Sources reveal that during the meeting between Perry and Le Drian, he indicated that he did not consider the conversation to be about understanding, advice or anything else. With them, several days ended with the idea of ​​going to the council and negotiating, as a result of which the parties would choose two or three candidates without preconditions.

Sources indicate that these words came before Le Drian met with Samir Ghiajia, and President Perry informed Le Drian that he would issue a statement before leaving Ain al-Dine because he would pursue the issue in all its details.

Sources continue to outline the itinerary of Le Trian’s trip when he met with Hezbollah and Ghiajia, and the party repeated to him what its secretary-general, Seyed Hassan Nasrallah, had said between Gaza and Lebanon at the presidential level. There was a vacuum before the Gaza war broke out.

He stressed the party’s readiness to engage in negotiations and said, “We will reach an understanding without conditions and we are interested in getting a president as soon as possible.”

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The biggest surprise for Le Drian was that Samir Giajia categorically dismissed the issue, saying, “I will not put this paper in the hands of Nabih Perry, because by every right they will be forced to go to him. Gikea had earlier said that if an opposition candidate comes during the election session, we will disrupt the session.

Sources confirm that Le Drian felt that Samir Giajia was behind the blockade, as did the US ambassador, so he asked Walid Jumblatt for help, who replied that he was willing, but the matter was out of his hands. But in this environment he will make every effort.

According to reports, Speaker Perry and Hezbollah have been contacted, and a socialist delegation will begin a tour of the parties tomorrow. The candidate is not precise, but rather an understanding between Le Drian and Perry, but it still adheres to the need to reach an understanding as a result of the dialogue: the Socialist is ready to go to the Council. In this direction.

The tour will not be limited to presidential affairs as sources expect important and necessary issues such as Syrian displacement, implementation of the Taif Agreement and security strategies to be discussed.

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