Israelis on the Lebanese border: The government sent us to die and the policy failed in the face of Hezbollah

occupied JerusalemEscalating security tensions in the north between the Israeli army and Hezbollah returned to the forefront of debate in Tel Aviv, where harsh criticism of the Israeli government was leveled. Tens of thousands of Israelis continued to migrate from the border towns of the Upper Galilee.

The Israeli military on Tuesday completed a maneuver simulating a large-scale attack on Lebanon, in an effort by the military establishment to quell criticism and accusations of military failure in the northern region facing Hezbollah.

Under the multi-day exercise, reserve soldiers of the “5030 Battalion” in the “228 Brigade” – in the presence of military correspondents from various Israeli media – conducted an exercise simulating an attack in Lebanon. Correspondents believe the maneuver has a double message for the Israeli people and for Hezbollah.

The commander of the Israeli army's Northern Command, Major General Yuri Kordin, told the soldiers in a message to Hezbollah, “This exercise is part of the importance of increasing our readiness and preparedness to expand the fighting and attack Lebanon. We are still ready. For this we are more prepared than before and to attack if necessary.” So”.

Gordin pointed out, “On October 7, we went to war to defend our home and our homeland. Hundreds of thousands of Israelis were assigned to carry out this defensive mission, and tens of thousands of soldiers are still stationed. To protect our country's northern borders,” as quoted by Israel Today newspaper.

In a message addressed to Israelis, particularly residents of northern cities who criticize the military's performance and accuse the Benjamin Netanyahu-led government of failure, Gordin said, “A lot more needs to be done to win. In achieving the desired result by removing Hezbollah from the borders and improving the situation.” Security can send residents of the north back to their homes.”

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An exchange of bombs between Hezbollah and Israel forced most Israeli farmers in the north to leave their farms (Al Jazeera)

Increased security

But on the ground, contrary to the military's maneuvers and reports, Amnon Avraham's phone almost went dead when social media reported that Hezbollah had fired rockets at a house in the border settlement of “Kafar Yuval,” contrary to the military's maneuvers and statements. Avraham (the owner of the chicken farm) said: “I received hundreds of phone calls and messages from family and friends who were concerned for my safety and convinced that I was infected.”

Speaking to the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, Avraham described his reasons for staying on his farm, despite security tensions and the risk of being hit by missiles fired from Lebanon: “They want me to leave, but if I leave, where will I keep the 200,000 shekels ($55,000)?” The price of the chicken and food you bought for them?”

In light of increased security along Lebanon's border and the exchange of bombardments between the Israeli army and Hezbollah, Avraham leaves his door only twice a day to look curiously at the Lebanese village that overlooks it and go to a nearby chicken farm to gather. Eggs.

Avraham raises 5,000 chickens and collects eggs daily to cover the cost of the farming season and his debts, pointing out that 30 of the hundreds of farmers who wanted to flee have been forced to stay in farms along the border. “His neighbor, Eliyahu Ayalon, who was forced to stay at the farm, was injured this week.” His house was hit by an anti-missile attack, and his wife Meera and son Barak were killed.”

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Life is death

According to Avraham, “Israel imposed this situation on me and everyone else. The government is sending us to death, it has not promised any solution or full compensation for the losses to the farmers as a result of security. It has been going on for more than 3 months in the northern border.

This fact, Avraham said, was evident during the funeral of Mira and her son Barak – who were killed by an anti-tank missile shell fired from southern Lebanon – and buried in a small cemetery and funeral procession in Kaffar Yuval. It was held in a place far away from the Lebanese border so that their relatives could say goodbye without fear. .

In Israeli towns along the Lebanese border, Adi Hashmony, Haaretz's correspondent in the north, says, “Residents in the border areas and in the Upper Galilee feel that Hassan Nasrallah is the one who decides when and where they can bury their loved ones. Number of funeral attendees and date of burial.

A surreal funeral

With the arrival of evening, the funeral is over, far away from borders and security tensions. For his part, Yoram Makhlouf (security officer in Kfar Yuval) says with frustration: “The family who lost the permission of the army to go to the cemetery to bury their loved ones under the cover of darkness, and only 10 people with protective vests and helmets were allowed to bury.

Haaretz quoted a security official as saying, “This is unacceptable, beyond imagination. We can't even hold a proper funeral. It's sad that a family is burying a mother and son in a limited ceremony that Nasrallah decides for us.”

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The surreal funeral was “a reminder of the unimaginable reality for grieving families in border settlements. In their most difficult times, they are being asked to band together, take risks and stand in line. Security restrictions have already kept them away from their homes for months.

The Israeli army took precautionary measures along the Lebanese border
Military correspondents warn that further escalation in the north could lead to real war (Al Jazeera)

Security threat

This fact, experienced by tens of thousands of people living in Israeli border settlements, indicates that Hezbollah wants to keep the northern sector as an active war zone, according to the reading of Tal Lev Ram, military correspondent of “Maariv” newspaper. The Israeli military has increased the level of military operations against Hezbollah.

The military correspondent explained that Israel aims to increase bombing and attacks in southern Lebanon to inform Lebanese Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah. For a real battle in the northern arena.

AndDUnder public pressure and in light of the Israeli public's skepticism about the political establishment's claims that Hezbollah had been blocked, A military correspondent is not excluded It indicates that Israel cannot allow a situation where the residents of the northern border and western Galilee live under constant security threats from Lebanon, as the Israeli military expands its operations and conducts attacks deep into Lebanon.

As diplomatic mediation to reach a border settlement in the north falters, Hezbollah is believed to be seeking to score a military victory in the Sheba Farms area against the Israeli army. The reporter expects Israel to respond by escalating another level of attacks against Hezbollah targets to prevent any gains on the Sheba farms.

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