Israeli strikes on Lebanon and Hezbollah target occupation officials with drones News


Today, Saturday, an Israeli attack on a motorcycle on the road leading to Majdal Selm in southern Lebanon injured two people, while Hezbollah announced a drone attack on Israeli officers and soldiers in the Upper Galilee. .

The official Lebanese News Agency reported that an Israeli drone raided a motorcycle on Acacia Majdal Selm Road in Marjayon district (south).

He also said teams from the Hezbollah-affiliated Islamic Health Authority worked to evacuate the wounded from the scene of the attack.

On the other hand, it was a hot night in southern Lebanon, where Israeli drones carried out a series of raids targeting the cities of al-Jebeen, Tayr Harfa, al-Dahira and Marwahin (south). This results in severe damage to property, crops and uninhabited houses.

An Israeli Merkava tank targeted the town of Kafar Gila with a live shell, the agency said.

On Friday evening, the civil defense unit in southern Lebanon said a woman and a paramedic were killed and others wounded in two Israeli attacks in the towns of Naqora and Adlon.

An Israeli attack targeted the town of Majdal Salam in southern Lebanon (French).

Hezbollah attack

Hezbollah, on the other hand, confirmed that it had hit a group of Israeli officers and soldiers north of the Yiftah Barracks in the Upper Galilee on Saturday, targeting a group of Israeli officers and soldiers.

He targeted Al-Baghdadi’s Israeli positions with missile weapons and directly attacked them.

In the Upper Galilee and the Finger region of the Galilee in northern Israel, sirens sounded in several settlements, including al-Malikiyya, Ramot Naftali, Yifta, Dishon and the Mount Herman area, over suspected enemy drone infiltration.

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In turn, the Israeli occupation army announced on Saturday morning that its warplanes bombed Hezbollah targets in 8 areas in southern Lebanon in response to Hezbollah’s firing of missiles towards the north on Friday.

Israeli aircraft bombed intelligence bases in Thayer Harfa and military buildings in al-Jebeen and al-Qiyam, the Ain Qana region and the villages of Hamila and Adlon in southern Lebanon.

The Israeli military said its warplanes last night targeted a missile site in the Majdal Zone area used to launch missiles into Israel.

He said that a short time ago, two bombs were detected from Lebanon towards the Yifta area in the Upper Galilee and landed in an open area.

An Israeli ambulance reported that 4 Israelis were wounded by rocket fire from Lebanese territory in the Upper Galilee in western and northern Israel in the past 24 hours in Metula, Gaaton and Ma’yan Baruch.

Gaza, in solidarity with Lebanese and Palestinian factions in Lebanon, especially Hezbollah, has exchanged relentless daily bombardments with the Israeli army on both sides of the border, resulting in hundreds of deaths and injuries, most of them on the Lebanese side.

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