Israel Prepares for a Major Strike Against Lebanon… Amid Assertions: War Is Inevitably Coming!

“The Lebanon Debate”

In light of the day-to-day developments in the south, retired Brigadier General Pilot Bassam Yassin said, “The escalation of operations in Rafah has prevented any possibility of a cease-fire or ceasefire in Rafah and Gaza. It is natural for Hezbollah and Israeli enemies to increase activity in the south.

In an interview with “Lebanon Debate,” Yassin said, “This comes in the framework of reducing pressure on what’s happening in Gaza, while at the same time influencing domestic Israeli public opinion, which is beginning to press for a cease-fire. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu emphasized that everyone knows that he does not want a cease-fire, and that Israel’s decision will not meet its goals. It is about accepting a cease-fire without reaching it.

He stressed, “We must be careful not to expand the war until the outcome of the situation inside Gaza is crystallized. And if the Israeli enemy wants to continue this war on Gaza, a process of pressure from both sides is expected on the southern front. , It is natural that it will win at the end of the road, and when it is over.” “From then on he will devote himself entirely to dealing with the situation on the southern front.”

“Since war is inevitable, everyone is preparing for war, and the Israelis want to start a war on Lebanon with or without the presence of Hezbollah, Lebanon should be the weak link in the Middle East. Seek an accord with America.”

He added, “Measures or not, the Israeli adversary has been preparing for a major strike on Lebanon for decades, which has translated into an invisible economic blockade, and pressure on funds and financial flows to Lebanon in this context of US-Israeli foreign action.

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And about the threat of settlers in the Northern Territory secession from the Israeli state? Yassin opined, “The Israeli government is being pressured to make a decision regarding the situation in Lebanon, to end the situation in southern Lebanon and eliminate resistance, as demanded by the settlers. This thing is very difficult.”

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