Israel informs Washington of readiness for military action in Lebanon, Hezbollah warns of it News


Cross-border bombardment continued, with mutual threats between Lebanon's Hezbollah and Israel amid reports of a letter from Tel Aviv to Washington warning of an attack on Lebanon if diplomatic pressures do not achieve their goal.

Benjamin Netanyahu's government has warned in a letter to Washington of military action in Lebanon if Hezbollah's “Ratwan force” is not removed from the border, the Israel Broadcasting Corporation reported.

Today, Friday, Hezbollah announced a series of operations against Israeli forces and bases, while Israel launched a series of airstrikes in southern Lebanon and intercepted a drone over the skies of Akka.

The party said it carried out bombings with two “Burkhan” missiles near the Al-Samaqa and Ramta sites in the occupied Sheba farms, as well as near the Khirbet Maze site and an Israeli gathering in Jabal Nadar.

Meanwhile, Al Jazeera's correspondent reported that Israeli fighters targeted the towns of Ramiya and Jabal Balad with 12 strikes and 4 near the towns of Al-Atisa, Kafr Qila and Aidarun.

Israeli bombardment also spread to the neighborhoods of the towns of Mes al-Jabal, Muhaibib, Blitah, Qiyam, al-Atisa, Rashaya al-Faqar and al-Habariyeh.

Israeli attacks led According to the official Lebanese News Agency and the border village's mayor, at least 3 houses in Kafr Gila village were “totally destroyed”.

Israeli aircraft targeted three houses in the morning and another in the afternoon, in conjunction with artillery shelling that hit a fifth house in the village, the official agency said.

Israeli artillery shelling a site in South Lebanon (Europe).

“About 100 residents were staying in Kafr Gila and fortunately the houses that were targeted were empty,” Hassan Sheet, the mukhtar of Kafr Gila, told Agence France-Presse.

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On the other hand, an Israeli military spokesman said Iron Dome intercepted a drone that had violated Israeli airspace by sea from Lebanon. Israeli media reported that the air defense responded to a target in Acre airspace.

Israeli warplanes struck missile launch sites and Hezbollah military headquarters in the southern Lebanese village of Ramiya, an Israeli military spokesman said.

He added that the military targeted Hezbollah's intelligence bases and infrastructure in the villages of Hula and Kafar Qila.

Mutual threats

Meanwhile, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant visited the northern tip, saying Israel does not want to mess with Hezbollah, but is prepared to use force to return Israelis to their homes if Hezbollah does not respect the right to live in those areas. He put it.

At the same time, the American newspaper The Washington Post quoted Western and Lebanese officials as saying, “Israel has threatened to escalate its fighting with Hezbollah if an agreement is not reached within weeks.”

For his part, Hezbollah's deputy secretary-general, Sheikh Naim Kassim, warned that if Israel expands its occupation, it will be met with a response “with a big slap and strong action.”

“Our preparedness is high to prevent an invasion, and we are preparing ourselves for an invasion, which is a beginning but not an end.”

Sheikh Naim Qasim, Deputy Secretary General of Hezbollah (Associated Press)

Kassim stressed that stability and cessation of war in Lebanon and the region can only be achieved by ending the occupation of Gaza.

Hezbollah entered into conflict with Israel following the October 7 Al-Aqsa flood operation and the outbreak of the Israeli war on Gaza.

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Authorities were forced to evacuate tens of thousands of Israelis from settlements and towns near the border with Lebanon.

Through diplomatic pressure on Beirut, Israel is trying to remove Hezbollah fighters from beyond the Litani River so that Israelis can be returned to the northern settlements, while threatening to launch a massive attack on Lebanon.

Evidence : Al Jazeera + Agencies + Israeli press

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