Israel gave mediators a written proposal: “continued peace” in Gaza… and flexibility regarding prisoners.

The Israel Walla website reported on Tuesday that Israel had handed over to mediators an official proposal to conclude a deal with Hamas.

The website added that the updated proposal is written in detail and reviews the general principles that Mossad chief David Barnia handed to Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani during a meeting in Paris on Friday.

He indicated that the renewed Israeli proposal included a willingness to show flexibility in the number of remaining prisoners to be released in the first “humanitarian” phase of the deal and a willingness to discuss Hamas’s demand for “sustained peace.” In the Gaza Strip.

According to Walla, the Qatari prime minister is expected to present the Israeli proposal to Hamas representatives in Doha on Tuesday.

For its part, the Israeli Broadcasting Authority said on Tuesday that Tel Aviv had given Egyptian and Qatari mediators a proposal to renew talks.

The official Broadcasting Authority said: “Talks are expected to resume next week in the Qatari capital Doha.” “Expanding Israeli military operations in Rafah will make negotiations difficult,” it quoted foreign parties participating in the talks as saying.

According to the commission’s sources, whenever Hamas proposes to release a large number of Israeli prisoners in the Gaza Strip, the number of days of the ceasefire and the number of Palestinian prisoners released within the framework of the agreement will increase.

Israel officially announced Sunday that Gaza talks would resume in the coming days, while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu clarified Tel Aviv’s intentions in a statement he issued Monday evening.

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Netanyahu’s office said: “Despite the prime minister’s repeated broad mandate to the negotiating team to release prisoners, Yahya Shinwar, the leader of the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip, continues to demand a cessation of hostilities and the withdrawal of Israeli forces. Army from Gaza, Prime Minister strongly opposes.”

On Monday, Hamas leader Osama Hamdan denied that the movement had received any confirmation from mediators over claims Israel had drawn up a new prisoner exchange deal, insisting the issue could not be resolved before a “comprehensive cessation of aggression” against Gaza. Undressing.

In this case, Israeli Chief of Staff Herzey Halevi met with the representatives of the families of prisoners in the Gaza Strip on Monday evening. “About 80 percent of military objectives have been achieved, and it will take some time to achieve the remaining 20 percent,” Halevy said.

Referring to Hamas’s demand for an end to the fighting, Halevi said the Israeli army “knows how to come back and fight.”

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