Israel “De-escalates War” in Gaza, US Plans

Despite repeated statements by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli officials that the war on Gaza will continue for a long time until Hamas achieves its goals of governing and fighting, and the military will need weeks and even months. Moving from Phase II to Phase III, it became clear that the political and military leadership had yielded to the will of the US administration, effectively beginning the process of shortening the war and reducing its scope and duration. , and size.

Israel's leaders are doing exactly that, following Big Brother's “advice” from Washington, formulated as an action plan at meetings hosted by US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and the new chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Charles Brown, of the US Armed Forces, visited Tel Aviv two weeks ago for their meetings with the Combat Command and the Chief of Staff of the Israeli Army.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin steps off a plane at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel on December 18 (Reuters)

During that time, the two teams distributed maps, aerial photographs, and diaries and determined the process of de-escalating the war. The Israeli side sought to extend the duration, scale, and depth of operations, but Austin, Brown, and other generals in their ranks provided the Israeli side with their wealth of experience from the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. With gentle pressure and urgent advice, they settled the matter.

According to the leaks, the Israeli side negotiated for two weeks and demanded a transition from the second phase to the third phase by the middle of this month, but the US decision demanded the immediate start and completion of the withdrawal. In the middle of this month, Khan agreed to delay the start of withdrawal from Younis by two weeks only.

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Those in the know say Israel needed this pressure to change the course of the war because the US is “not just a big brother” but has given Israel unprecedented support for an ally. Its war cost $14.3 billion (a third of the cost of the war) in financial reparations and compensation for lost ammunition, equipment, and weapons (an air train consisting of 230 cargo planes and 30 cargo ships carried tens of thousands of tons of ammunition, equipment, and weapons). with political support (veto in the Security Council and recruitment of Western countries), and media and judicial support (to prevent the trial of Israel's generals and political leaders before the International Court of Justice and local courts in Western countries, for committing war crimes).

Biden with Benjamin Netanyahu during his solidarity visit to Israel on October 18 (dpa)

In Tel Aviv, they say, those providing such unprecedented support “will not be told no” to any demand, especially since Washington still supports Israel to eliminate Hamas's ability to govern and its capacity, along with other armed Palestinian organizations. To rule, fight. But he demanded that this be done through “surgery” that would remove the risk from the public. By this means the withdrawal of Israeli forces from the Gaza Strip to locations outside the border and from there carrying out operations to remove armed cell or military leaders against specific and local targets.

Destruction and civilian casualties in Gaza as a result of Israeli bombing (AFP).

The Americans demanded that Israel halt its attacks and bombardments by air, sea and land, which have led to the deaths of scores of Palestinian civilians and the partial or complete destruction of most buildings in the Gaza Strip. And the massacre of Hamas leaders does not require the destruction of the rest of the buildings in Gaza. Washington offers this “advice” to serve Israel because it can no longer get the world on its side. In fact, America itself has become “isolated and isolated” in supporting Israel's military operations.

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This American position includes the belief that the loftiest goals set forth by the Israeli leadership, the destruction of Hamas, are neither realistic nor achievable. As President Joe Biden himself has promised to meet with the families of Israeli prisoners, we need to help come down from this ceiling little by little by finding other ways and devoting time to negotiations for prisoner transfers. Personal efforts to hasten the release of their family members and he disliked the United States, betrayed them.

Israeli soldiers fired mortar shells at an area near the border with the Gaza Strip on Monday (Efa).

As for the leadership of the military and other security services in Tel Aviv, they decided to agree with the American position along with political leaders from the military, notably Benny Gantz and Gadi Eisenkot.

Netanyahu has no choice but to concede in his familiar way: he makes boastful statements that please his partners on the far right, but he does not oppose the military's plans. He talks about disagreements with loyal allies in the US administration, but he doesn't talk about a way to resolve these differences. He next day rejects the US position and the future of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, supports the positions of his allies who reject the two-state solution, and affirms that only the Israeli military will assume the security role. Gaza to prevent another attack from “Hamas”, but he did not give in to the demands of the Allies to translate this rejection into practical reality. He will complete the task of destroying all of Gaza, deporting the people of Gaza to Egypt and restoring Jewish settlement. .

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Israelis protested against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government in Tel Aviv, Israel last Saturday (AP).

All that is left for Netanyahu now is to try to extend the life of his government with more tactics, thus delaying the inevitable next war against him, a civil war in which the opposition parties will try to overthrow his government and become impartial and empowered. Investigate the reasons for the failure that led to the October 7 attack and go for new early elections soon.

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