How does breakfast affect the attractiveness of women and men?

Researchers at the French University of Montpellier found that eating a meat-filled breakfast made men more attractive, while eating carbohydrate-rich croissants and cakes made women less attractive.

The research team revealed that the first meal of the day has a significant effect on sex hormones in the body, which affects a person’s level of attractiveness to the opposite sex.

Starchy or sugary midday snacks, such as potato chips or biscuits, can make men more attractive because of the spike in glucose.

But the situation is different for women, because of the effect of high blood sugar levels on skin aging, it can also block the hormones that attract men.

“The results are a strong reminder of the long-term impact of dietary choices, not only on health, but also on socially important traits such as facial attractiveness,” said study lead author Claire Berdicott.

“We observed differences in how men and women respond to different foods, whether consuming refined carbohydrates, whether immediate or chronic, increasing energy consumption at breakfast.”

Research shows that obesity in men often leads to low testosterone, while in women it leads to an increase in sex hormones known as hyperandrogenism.

Excessive consumption of carbohydrate-rich foods can lead to various health conditions, including obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

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