House of Representatives Recommendations on Syrian Displacement File: “The Necessity of the Unnecessary”

In an interview with the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Anbaa, MP Major General Ashraf Rifi, a member of the “Tajadid” camp, said the recommendations of the House of Representatives to the government regarding the Syrian displacement file “have no practical value and are unenforceable, so they are unnecessary when facing the dangers of displacement and its consequences. He opined, “What the axis of resistance wanted behind the recommendations was to score two goals with one shot: first to absorb the storm of European aggression, and second to send a message to the West that it was under siege. The Syrian regime must be overthrown.

“The issue of Syrian displacement elsewhere is completely different, and dealing with it seriously and decisively requires the presence of a real state capable of making a decision, not unworkable recommendations and options,” Rifi pointed out. In his view, this means, “Solutions under the ruling government, in light of the absence of the president from the political equation and the non-implementation of laws, treaties and agreements, in addition to the chaos and confusion witnessed by the Lebanese border with Syria, will be a patchwork, if not like filling a basket with water. He described what Lebanon is thankfully doing to deport illegal Syrians as a first step toward a public security solution. However, he considered that “not enough, because the equation for the deported Syrian in light of his idling at the border is: Take me out the door and I’ll come back in through the window.”

“In Hezbollah’s organization on behalf of the axis of opposition in Lebanon, it does not want displaced Syrians to return to their homes, but instead wants to use the Syrian presence in Lebanon to lift the siege on the Syrian government. The proposal of its Secretary General, Syed Hassan Nasrallah, to open the Lebanese Sea to Syrians as an alternative to the implementation of laws and agreements, testifies in this regard the international Isolation from the Lebanese government, which calls for dialogue with the community, as it negotiated alone with international diplomats regarding the southern region and Resolution 1701, opening the seas is seen as the logic of remaining piracy in Lebanon’s friendships and relations with the outside world.

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Regarding the possibility of creating a solution to the displacement problem through an understanding between the Lebanese government and the Syrian government, Rifi stressed, “The Syrian regime will not sell this card to Lebanon.” The failure of Minister of Displacement Issam Sharaf al-Din to make any progress during his shuttle trip to Syria is the best evidence that the Syrian regime wants to put pressure on Europe and the United Nations from the presence of Syrians in Lebanon. The states should push them to prevent the effects of Caesar’s law, that is, on the other hand, the words that both said that their presidential candidate, the leader of the Maratha movement, Sulaiman Franjie, was able to reach an understanding with the Syrian. Regime and ensure the return of displaced Syrians to their homes, which fools the minds of the Lebanese people.

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