Hezbollah members must move away from the border, and we are trying to turn the cease-fire in Gaza into a sustainable cease-fire.

British Foreign Minister David Cameron emphasized the rivalry between Hezbollah and Israel for a political settlement and expansion, saying, “We must stop the expansion and look for an alternative. A good alternative involves the implementation of Resolution 1701, which means that “Hezbollah” moves its forces north of the Litani River, Correctly demarcating the blue line on the border, raising the level of training, using the Lebanese army to conduct more border patrols, “If we bring these factors together with caution, we can… “We are proving that there is a path to peace and stability instead of war, but we are quickly must act.”

Regarding the chances of reaching a diplomatic solution, he said in an interview with “An-Nahar” newspaper, “I believe there is a good chance because, as I said, I don't believe Hezbollah wants to. We don't want to escalate the war and Israel doesn't want to escalate.” “But what you hear from the Israelis is that 80 to 100,000 people were forced to leave their homes in northern Israel, so they must return to their homes. Additional protection is required.”

Cameron pointed out, “I'm sure people in Lebanon would say the same thing. So there's a need for this diplomacy, and this movement of Hezbollah and the Lebanese army and the need to strengthen UNIFIL forces. There's a need for all of this, so I told others like I did with the prime minister and the Lebanese army chief. I think it's important to come and ask, listen to what they think is necessary, and then friends and Britain like Lebanon should help solve these things.

Regarding the content of his direct message to the Lebanese authorities in this regard, he revealed, “My direct message to the Lebanese authorities, to the Prime Minister and the House of Representatives, is that Britain wants to help. If you go back 10 years. “When I was prime minister, we started a training program with the Lebanese army,” he said, “and we created border brigades, and the process was incredibly successful.”

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He said, “We trained 26,500 soldiers from the Lebanese Army and we are proud of what we did. They did a wonderful job on the Syrian border, stopping drug trafficking, stopping human trafficking, and stopping ISIS infiltration. The caliphate in Syria and Iraq.” occurred after the formation, so they have done a great job, and I believe that Hezbollah in southern Lebanon should play a great role that they need by removing its members from the borders. So I came here to ask: How can we help? Can we do more? We are a willing partner.

Cameron stressed whether a cease-fire in Gaza would silence Israel's demands for Hezbollah to withdraw a few kilometers from its northern border. Now we discuss.” “So we can free the hostages and bring in help. We are trying to make this ceasefire a permanent ceasefire, and that is a very good thing.”

He asked: “Does this automatically change everything here? It offers a great opportunity for diplomacy, but for stability and security, I still believe that Hezbollah elements must leave the border, because at this time Israeli families cannot return. In northern Israel, Lebanese families in southern Lebanon have their Just as it is difficult to return to the villages, Hezbollah will move away from the border and the Lebanese need more stable borders, he stressed. The army should take more responsibility at the borders and “I believe this will reflect a more stable situation.”

Regarding the factors that lead to hope that a political solution between Israelis and Palestinians is possible, years after the failure of the Oslo Accords, he explained, “The fundamental question is still the same. How do the two groups share the land? Living next to each other within the framework of a two-state solution.” “It's still the same question. And the reason it's become so urgent is that the last 30 years, after Oslo, have not been successful years; they haven't really been successful for Israel.

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“Of course its economy grew, its livelihood improved, and it spent a lot on security, but basically it didn't enjoy the real security that comes with owning your own state and your neighbors. It's clear to the Palestinians that they “didn't get what they wanted, which is a dignified and secure state.”

He added: “If we look back 30 years and ask ourselves: should the next thirty years be like the last thirty years? Answer: No, we don't want that, we don't want to go back to the status quo. It prevailed before October 7 and we must try to find a way.” “A new way forward must be found to have real peace and stability. So the question hasn't changed, but the answer is more urgent.”

He expressed his faith. New personalities and new faces capable of working in Gaza and the West Bank.” “Both Western countries. This has to change.”

Cameron pointed out, “That's something we need to start discussing about the form a Palestinian state should take, and the Arab countries and the countries that have a useful role to play and help, like Britain, France and the United States, and the American government should come together and ask… : How do we move towards this solution?” Building a momentum? Israelis will say they want to change the features of the state and they don't want a Palestinian state to have a big army. They don't want to ally with countries like Iran, but we need to focus on what a Palestinian state can have. Instead of asking what a Palestinian state can't have, we start with that.

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On whether the timing of his approach was linked to a proposal for a possible cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, he said, “In the last two months, I have visited nine Arab countries, and I have visited the region three times. I think, so far, my approach continues, and my visit is related to another issue. No.” But I hope my presence today (in the region) will contribute to efforts to reach a peace in the conflict, which may happen within a few days; I am optimistic.

He stressed, “The closer we get, the more important it is to start trying to resolve other issues. Therefore, the Lebanese-Israeli border issue, the existence of Hezbollah, the need to train the Lebanese army and the resolution of the border dispute are very important. He stressed, “The timing of a cease-fire in Gaza is very important. We don't want to waste either. When there is a ceasefire, we need to focus our efforts on solving all problems and building momentum so people can see. There is a desire for peace, not war.”

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