Here are 4 alternatives to Samsung SP with their advantages

Samsung S Pen is one of the best and most advanced styluses and it now offers advanced features like: pressure sensitivity, tilt detection and more.

But what is the alternative to this pen?

1- Pen Statler 180 22 Norris:

The Statler 180 22 Norris is a stylus that works with any device that comes with an EMR-enabled display.

In addition to other tablets and phones that support EMR technology and some laptops running the Windows or ChromeOS operating system. All compatible devices can support all features of this pen, the most important of which are: pressure sensitivity and some devices support digital erasers.

The Statler 180 22 Norris pen retails for $29.

2- Pen Yasik Capacity Stylus:
The Yacig Capacitive Stylus is a versatile stylus sold at a low price: some advanced features such as pressure sensitivity or palm rejection prevent the screen from falling, making it more accurate. allows

The pen is compatible with all tablets, smartphones and e-readers and retails for $12.

3- Adonit Dash 4 Stylus Pen:
Adonit Dash 4 is a great alternative to Samsung S Pen. It works with any touchscreen and can connect to any Android or iOS device via Bluetooth to support palm rejection feature and some other smart features. on the device.

This stylus is a great alternative to the Apple Pencil for iPad, compatible with any iPad released after 2017 and mimics some of the features of the Apple Pencil.

The Adonit Dash 4 stylus pen retails for $60.

4- Pen Ewatch 2-in-1 Active Stylus:
The Evach 2-in-1 Active Stylus has a 1.5mm tip for precise drawing and writing while the other tip is not suitable for drawing.

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The Evach 2-in-1 Active Stylus is compatible with many iOS or Android devices and retails for $24.

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