Health Problems: Problems that affect men more than women. Know them

Lifestyle changes can reduce the risk of heart disease, and for those who are obese, they include weight loss, smoking cessation, regular exercise, and regular blood pressure and cholesterol checks.

Prostate problems

Prostate cancer has overtaken breast cancer as the number one cancer in the UK, as more men are getting screened. So, if you are over 50 and have difficulty urinating, urinate frequently or feel like your bladder is not emptying, consult your doctor.

Also be aware of risk factors.Family history and race increase the chance of developing prostate cancer. Also, the risks can be reduced by eating healthy, exercising and maintaining a healthy weight.

Type 2 diabetes

The magazine said that men are more likely to develop diabetes than women. Being overweight is one of the risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes, and men are more prone to it and tend to be underweight than women. Symptoms include frequent urination, especially at night, feeling thirsty or more tired than usual, and slow-healing cuts and sores.

Symptoms develop slowly, so weight should be maintained at a healthy level and health check-ups, including diabetes tests, should be done every 5 years over the age of 40.

Psychiatric problems

3 out of 4 suicides in England are men. The most important symptoms of depression are constant worry, irritability, unhappiness, frustration, loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping, poor attention and personal appearance, cleanliness or loss of interest in things that were previously a source of happiness.

Apart from going to the general practitioner, it is recommended to stay with friends regularly, exercise and follow a regular sleep pattern.

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Addiction problems

The magazine explained that men are more prone to alcohol addiction problems than women, and that alcohol may be used to relieve negative feelings. However, at the same time, alcohol causes depression and worsens mental health problems. Over time, this can lead to high blood pressure and cholesterol, heart attack, stroke and cancer risk, and lead to liver problems, accidents and relationship breakdowns.

Skin cancer

The journal reported that more men than women die of malignant skin cancer, although a similar number develop the disease because they delay going to the doctor and are diagnosed at an advanced stage.

According to Cancer Research UK, 86 per cent of cases are preventable, so protect yourself (including bald areas), stay in the shade as much as possible and wear sunscreen. (24)

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