Hassan Nasrallah's response to the killing of Hamas leader Saleh al-Aruri

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Activists circulated social media clips of a speech by Lebanese Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah after the killing of Hamas leader Saleh al-Aruri in Lebanon. Capital, Beirut.

Nasrallah said in his speech: “Look, yesterday they attacked the suburbs, yesterday it became very dangerous. There are two headlines: Sheikh Saleh (al-Aruri) and his brothers were killed, this is a big and big crime, and there is a blow to the suburbs. , this is the first time since 2006, the news came out last night, some Israeli officials did not target Lebanon through the media, they did not care what happened to Hezbollah and Hezbollah. We have a problem with Hamas leadership. We have settled our account with Hamas leadership and you have no business. Who is this talk about? Attacks? Children, cowards, all the threats and threats you hear. Of course, now I do not want to threaten or threaten. I will say two sentences at the end of the speech, relying on the past tense.

He continued: “The first sentence: We have been fighting on the front lines with precise calculations so far, so we are paying a heavy price in the lives of our young people, and I will describe it on Friday, but if the enemy wants to go to war, our fight in Lebanon will be without ceiling, without borders, without rules, without restrictions, and He knows what I mean: our men, our missiles, our capabilities, our capacity, our threat, all that we have mentioned in the past years, and now we can talk a lot about it, so there is no use, let me just mention it: we are not afraid of war, we are not afraid. , do not hesitate, if we were afraid, we would have stood in front, the Americans threatened us, the French came and gave long, wide messages to us, the English and the Germans, but there was no one, we stopped? retreated? we hesitated?

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He added: “Whoever thinks of a war with us in one word will regret it, God willing. A war with us will be very, very, very expensive, until now we have been managing the Lebanese situation and the Lebanese national interests. The war is started against Lebanon, and then we wage war for the Lebanese national interests. It should be carried through to the end.” Without restrictions.. Regarding yesterday's incident, the resistance promised, even if it was in different circumstances. No war, no change. In many equations of conflict, but this does not change the promise, yesterday's crime is a big and serious crime and it cannot be tolerated, and there is no need to do this thing. .a lot of talk, and as we said in Hezbollah's statement yesterday: This grave crime will not go unanswered and unpunished, it will not go unanswered and unpunished, the field between us and you, night and day, and goodbye, God willing.

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