Hamas delegation heads to Cairo and message of US pressure on Israel to reach a settlement

Today, Sunday, a delegation of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) is going to Cairo, in response to an Egyptian invitation to discuss ceasefire developments in the Gaza Strip, CIA Director William Burns arrived in Cairo at a time of increasing US pressure. Israel must reach an agreement and conclude a transfer agreement.

In a statement, Hamas confirmed that the delegation traveling to Cairo would be headed by the movement's deputy leader in the Gaza Strip, Khalil al-Hayya, and that it would adhere to the position it presented on March 14. A ceasefire, the complete withdrawal of Israeli occupation forces from Gaza and… the return of displaced people to their places of residence, freedom of movement, relief and shelter, in addition to a serious prisoner exchange agreement.

A leading source in the movement told Al Jazeera that intense contacts between the head of the Hamas political bureau, Ismail Haniyeh, and mediators took place in the final hours of the resumption of a round of talks in Cairo. Egypt, Qatar, USA and Israel.

The source indicated that Haniyeh had assured mediators that any new round of talks would begin on the basis of a permanent ceasefire, full withdrawal of occupation and unconditional return of displaced persons.

On the other hand, Israel's official Israel Radio reported that the government had promised to send a delegation headed by David Barnia of Israel's foreign intelligence agency (Mossad) to Cairo to negotiate an extradition treaty. “Positive” from the Hamas movement.

The radio did not clarify the nature of the expected “positive” response from Hamas, but Israel had previously rejected the movement's demands for the unconditional return of displaced people to the northern Gaza Strip during talks in Doha and Cairo, and a complete withdrawal from Gaza. , and a permanent ceasefire.

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The “Israel Today” newspaper quoted Israeli officials as saying that progress in the talks was unlikely “without heavy military pressure on Hamas”. “

Biden and Netanyahu

US President Joe Biden asked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to reach an agreement with Hamas, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing a source familiar with the information, while Cairo airport sources told Reuters that CIA Director William Burns had arrived in Cairo to participate in the talks. ..Return of Palestinians to Northern Gaza Strip.

According to American network NBC, Biden asked Netanyahu to agree to a ceasefire and expand the powers of the negotiating team, citing US officials.

Last Thursday, Biden, in a phone call with Netanyahu, called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and for Israel to take action in this direction.

Israel proposed in the talks to allow a maximum of 60,000 Palestinians, excluding males between the ages of 18 and 50, to return to the northern Gaza Strip of 2,000 displaced persons per day.

According to informed Arab sources cited by the Wall Street Journal, Israel has stipulated the return of 2,000 identified people between 10 days and two weeks after the implementation of the six-week ceasefire.

Tel Aviv confirmed that those wishing to return to the north must pass through Israeli military checkpoints under the pretext of preventing Hamas members from re-infiltrating the north.

Hamas has rejected Israeli conditions, insisting on the unconditional return of displaced people and demands for a permanent ceasefire, saying that Israel's persistence is spinning the negotiations into a “vicious circle”.

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