Google: Deep emotional relationships between humans and artificial intelligence in the future

The future seems to be one of human-AI relationships, and even Google CEO Sundar Pichai admits that people will have deep emotional connections with AI.

“Over time, we will see people develop a deeper relationship with artificial intelligence projects,” Pichai said on the sidelines of Google’s I/O development conference, warning that society must prepare for this and mitigate the negative effects of the technology.

In past years, the concept of chatbots designed to mimic a specific real person appeared to be a viable way to aid the grieving process, although research has shown that so-called death bots can ultimately lead to catastrophic outcomes. “There are people who use this technology to preserve the memory of their loved ones,” Pichai noted.

For some, talk of “deep relationships” with artificial intelligence reminds them of the romantic sci-fi movie “Her,” which tells the story of a man who falls in love with a virtual assistant named Samantha, played by actress Scarlett Johansson. This character’s voice.

A new voice sample added to the ChatGPT bot, released just days before Google’s announcement, has prompted comparisons to the beloved show Samantha, the hero of the 2013 movie starring actor Joaquin Phoenix.

Pichai isn’t worried about the updates after OpenAI, the company that exports the GPT chatbot, unveiled a new version of the chatbot that can conduct human-like conversations and better respond to voice commands, a photo tool.

Frighteningly normal, the chatbot’s voice seems to pause for a moment to show what appears to be a breathy voice. The voice seems to echo slightly, as if someone is speaking from a small room somewhere.

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Google backs its search engine with Gemini AI technology to provide a summary of search results before users click on listed links because it “reduces routine during the search process.” This means that when someone starts searching with Google, they can see a quick overview of the content of the listed websites.

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