Gold decreases and dollar rises.. What is happening in the world market? – Economy

Globally, the dollar posted weekly gains last week as a strong jobs report calmed challenges to the Federal Reserve cutting interest rates next September.

The U.S. Federal Reserve’s two-day meeting next week, the investment website said, most expectations point to a move away from raising interest rates during the current meeting, especially as data showed a sharp decline in jobs. Status in 3 years.

Investors and analysts have downplayed the prospect of a cut in interest rates of up to 45%.

The central bank has hinted at three cuts expected this year during previous reports, but stubborn inflation and a strong jobs market indicate the economy may not need any help from multiple interest rate cuts.

Gold price prediction

For gold, Morgan Stanley said the consumer price index for May was hit hard by Friday’s strong employment data and news that China had halted gold purchases. For the first time in 18 months.

Gold awaits next week’s inflation data to determine its direction after suffering strong losses on Friday.

Gold markets indicate that gold stocks are heading lower, and this is not surprising as experts have advised investors to move towards silver or copper as gold takes a break in the coming period.

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