Getting an exemption from a lawyer to question him in the “Tik Tok gang” case

Khaled Merheb, a bar association lawyer in northern Lebanon who is suspected in the “Tik Tok Gang” case, is moving to address Lebanon after his union immunity is revoked after his name appeared in the trial. There are suspects in the case to arrest them.

The Northern Bar Association Council, chaired by Captain Sami Al-Hassan, met on Monday morning to discuss the removal of Merheb’s immunity. He said in a statement: “We were shocked on May 8 when a member of the association sought permission to proceed in a case that affects social security and children’s rights and almost attacks the good tree of virtue. Its trunk.” He added: “We have conducted our internal investigation and approved the prosecution, we will report to the competent judiciary, and we only needed a one-month deadline to do so.

“Tik Tok” Application (DPA)

The union affirmed that it “exists to defend its message, not to defend the sinful members of its membership,” and continued: “When the standing of the legal profession is violated by sin, we must remember the laws we start with lawyers. The elite of society, ambassadors of justice and defenders of rights.”

Interrogation of prisoners

On Tuesday, Mount Lebanon’s first trial judge, Judge Nicholas Mansour, is expected to begin hearings on inmates with identities and members of the “TickTokers” gang involved in child rape and money laundering, drug promotion and exploitation. The Internal Security Forces on Saturday arrested a suspect suspected of using a TikTok account to lure minors for the benefit of members of the gang, as reported by the “TikTokker” gang, citing drug trafficking as the number of arrests rose to 11.

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The Directorate General of Defense Forces arrested members of an organized gang “directly or indirectly involved in subjecting minors to sexual assault and other cruel and immoral acts” and members of the “Bureau to Combat Information Crimes and Intellectual Property Protection”. The Judiciary Police Division heard the testimony of several plaintiffs and witnesses as well as the testimony of the minors in the presence of juvenile defense representatives.

Palace of Justice in Beirut

Judge Danios Tsaghbini, an appellate attorney in Mount Lebanon, filed the indictment against 17 people, including those from outside Lebanon, since last Thursday. A warrant should be issued from Interpol to arrest them.

The General Directorate of Security Forces announced on Sunday that its director general, Major General Imad Othman, “the head of Interpol’s National Central Bureau in Lebanon,” had sent letters to the countries where the suspects are in the case. A red notice has been issued against each of them pending their arrest, as per the rules followed by Interpol.

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