From Al-Bisari to MTV: Suspicious Movements… Survival of the Republic Matters More Than Any Position

Director General of Public Security, Major General Elias Al-Bissari, said, “Being in Brussels is to support Lebanon’s point of view in approaching the Syrian displacement issue, and our voice should be well communicated to the European Union. In an interview on MTV’s “It’s Time” program, he said, “To prepare the groundwork for Lebanon’s approach to the displacement issue “It’s time for our meetings in Brussels, and the international community to recognize the burden. Displacement and danger to Lebanon,” he pointed out.

Al-Bisari explained, “We were able to market the Lebanese point of view and examine all the details, and there is a false perspective by linking the displacement issue to a political solution, and we warned of the existing danger,” adding, “We explained the facts and offered the Europeans a solution from the Lebanese point of view, And we reject the idea of ​​immigration and do not consider Lebanon a country of displacement and resettlement.” Agreements we have signed with UNHCR.”

Public Security “has never retreated from fulfilling its obligations and the campaign to suppress violations is not seasonal and will continue,” he stressed, adding that “we received the data from UNHCR after more than one problem between us, but it is without a registration date, and this matter is to review each file. Very important, and he has good intentions and goals of his own.

“We raised the issue of the book sent by UNHCR to the Ministry of Interior in Brussels, which we considered to be an error in form and content, and the subsequent withdrawal of this book is an admission of error,” he pointed out. : “Syrians have never refused to return displaced people, this is what they have always informed us, I heard when I communicated with them.”

Al-Bisari emphasized that “municipalities must do their job to enforce Lebanese laws, we are not against Syrians, but against every illegal foreigner who violates the conditions of residence in Lebanon”: “We act rationally on this issue. Displaced people, not with populism and intuition, suspicious in the street in recent times We realized that there were movements and we strictly enforced the laws to remove the explosive fuse from the street.

In another context, the director of public security said, “The survival of the republic is more important than any position, and I reject any kind of threat or bargaining in exchange for the implementation of laws, and “we will not buy or sell.” He promised to continue all the activities we started, and he said: “In Lebanon “There should be a change in the birth registration law in Lebanon to accommodate the urgent changes in the Syrian displacement file.”

As for the captured weapons trucks, “the public security authority is attached to the entry and exit of people, and as for the goods, they are under the jurisdiction of the customs and the military,” he explained: “We will carry out intensive work and prepare a legal study of Syrian prisons and prisoners and discuss with the Syrian side.

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